Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Follow The Stamped Brick Road

The Broadway streetscape from Montrose to Wilson is just about finished. The trees (some look sickly, check out the one in front of Ald. Shiller's office) and shrubs have been planted. The crosswalks have been stamped in a brick pattern and painted red. The east side of Broadway is just waiting on the acorn lighting to be installed. Overall, it turned out rather nice.


  1. As someone pointed out in an earlier post, the trees aren't sickly, they dormant and/or young. Since it is late in the season, this is the best way to plant them so they are lush in the spring.

    Let's not be negative on everything. This is wonderful. An attractive street creates food traffic, commerce and neighborhood pride.

  2. Actually, if this was done like the Wabash streetscape, then this is actually poured red concrete, that way the only way the color will leave is when the concrete is gone, not just the paint has rubbed off. A previous style of "brick" can be found at Irving Park and Elston, and that was just stamped asphalt and painted. Those bricks have almost entirely worn off, as has the paint. I think this style lasts MUCH longer and looks better.

    Can we get some overall photos of the completed project, with possibly a pro and con of the entire thing? I used to live up there but not anymore, yet I'm curious as to how the whole thing looks now.

  3. I think this is colored, stamped asphalt-not concrete. I saw them applying it; they were heating buckets and pouring it into grooves in the new street. Concrete need not be heated before application; rather, it is mixed.

    I'm happy with what was done. this strip of Broadway sure has come a long way since I moved in, 4 years ago.

  4. Is it an election year?

    I personally think this is a waste of money, but it does look ok.

    My friend from out of town was kind of upset because it takes away from the old school "Chicago grit" that that corner used to have... (He's an artist.)

  5. jason - how much grittier can that corner get??