Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Plans For Nick's On Wilson

News from Brandon, head bartender at Nick's on Wilson (1140 W. Wilson):

"New plans and BIG ideas are in the works here at the local watering hole, and we want to get the info out there to all of you great folks. First off, we will have within the next week an OUTSTANDING drink specials list ready to roll! A few ridiculously cheap (cough cough $2 cough) specials, and it will not be the cheap hooch, either.

Secondly, we are trying to see if there is a want or an interest in having us open up at noon for Bears games (when they play at noon)--I've been given the go-ahead to budget some free grub for "paying" patrons (Jimmy John's, Pizza, Wings, etc...) cheap Bloody Marys and Mimosas and the rest of the usual suspects--let us know what you think.

Third, our website,, is up and running--we have all the info for planning parties, finding out daily drink specials, or in general just what's going down. The page has a constantly updated twitter-ticker to let you know just what specials we will have that day--check it out! It's pretty sweet.

And lastly, we now have an ATM machine in the bar! Sick of $2-$3 service fees? Ours is only 99 CENTS! We're working hard to see all of your faces come see us! We've got a great staff put together, so come in/check the website/let us know what you think--and most importantly, tell us how we can make our little tree-fort your place to relax and enjoy yourselves!"