Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Brawl At Leland & Sheridan

From YouTube at 3:23pm this afternoon:
"Huge brawl after school got out at Uplift. They were using downed tree branches, a crobar, trash cans, and some large wooden planks as weapons. Lots of yelling and screaming. After calling 911, one police car came, drove around in a circle and left despite the fact innocent bystanders and concerned citizens were pointing in the direction of the major players in the fight ... I know some of us neighbors have tried to get a permanent police car stationed there after school ... maybe the more people that push for it, the sooner it will happen."


  1. Actually -they need a patrol car at all the schools now.I know police are busy on the streets but the kids need watched all over this city.

  2. The actions (or lack there of) of the police officer that drove by and promptly left would be GREAT for someone to bring up at the CAPS meeting this Thursday and hear the logic of it.

  3. Correction: CAPS meeting is NEXT week, 11/4/2010. Oops!

  4. There is already a heavy police deployment at virtually every public high school in the city at the end of the school day.

    Given the appearance of only one police car at what is likely a high priority call I'd have to guess other cops in the districts and nearby districts were busy.

  5. 1.) This is the THIRD time THIS school year it has happened...where are the damn police? Why is there not one posted there every damn day..this had been going on for two damn years now...

    2. If anyone has the emails of the reporters that did the story last year on Shiller not being available, please forward this to them.. to the best of my knowledge, Shiller is still collecting $10k a month plus benefits through May 2011... she needs to be held accountable... or we can show up at her doorstep in Andersonville

  6. What do these kids' parents have to say about this? Or if they are students at Uplift, what does Uplift have to say about this?

  7. What do the kids themselves have to say about it? The comments all mention either the cops, some administrator, the school or the parents as people who should do something. All well and good, but are we really afraid to talk to these kids ourselves as concerned citizens? Not worth our time? Would be for me on my corner.

  8. Goes to show you the future these kids have and the environment that leads to this madness. Bad parents, blind city, and a lack of humanity...disgrace what goes on in this area but I gave up caring when the ones who create the problem haven't cared in the first place.

  9. This is just SHOCKING!

    Just another day in Uptown...move along nothing to see here.

    I do think the sending the footage to CBS2 would be a good thing. Helen is still on the payroll, and my guess is she is just swamped with work these days.

  10. The cops couldn't have done a whole lot at that point. Michael Carroll's campaign office is on THAT corner. These wastes of space don't care who is watching. F them. Call 911 on them incessantly. Go to CAPS. They'll leave, but it will take time. And Uplift has GOT to get on board. At least by going to CAPS.

  11. This is a problem at each and every High School in the city of Chicago.

    Is Helen Shiller, or any alderman, responsible for all of those incidents too?

    Has teen violence really just been a Shiller effect this whole time?

    Facinating.......if it is only venting, and it helps, then please do and keep the camera charged.

  12. It looks to me like just a bunch of punks from the area school horse playing around after school. Fighting with tree branches and wooden planks is not much of a gang fight. If guns where involved then you would have something to worry about. Maybe the school down the street should be notified that their students are causing a problem after hours and there usually is cop cars around the school. I always see one parked by the Clarendon Park field house all the time.

  13. Jeffrey, if you say that bad behavior is normal, that's exactly what you'll get.

    You are most certainly wrong when you say that this is a problem at each and every high school throughout the city. Do you ever get out of Uptown and see what life is like elsewhere? Here's a hint: there aren't idiots running along the major retail corridors carrying tree branches, bike locks and crowbars as weapons, screaming death threats and racial slurs at each other.

    When a similar brawl happened a year and a half ago, it made the news on every station in Chicago. If it's so "normal," why would they lead off the 10:00 news with it? Try to minimize it, but it IS a big deal.

    When's the last time you heard about kids from Jones, or Walter Payton, or Urban Prep doing this? How about Whitney Young, Lane, or Schurz? Edison Park? Mt Greenwood? Latin School? Lycee Francaise? St. Benedict?

    You can accept lower standards by saying this is "normal" (or "attempted fisticuffs," if you will), but most adults see it for what is -- an indication that those in charge have no interest in taking responsibility or changing things.

    Check back in five years, after there's a new alderman in office. See if there are still street brawls then. If there are (and I seriously doubt that there will be), then it's "just an Uptown thing." If there isn't, then blame must be placed with the previous regime.

    "The buck stops here" -- right at the top. It's attitudes like yours that ensure that those who can - and should - be stopping this behavior, don't.

  14. So, since people are Shiller-bashing again. I am telling you that my choice for Alderman is Cappleman. However, what would he do about this?

  15. I'd like to know what every candidate would do as alderman upon being notified of a brawl like this.

    and I mean specifics, not generalized campaign talk -- right down to what phone calls to whom, and what meetings with whom.

  16. @willhaslett

    "What do the kids themselves have to say about it? The comments all mention either the cops, some administrator, the school or the parents as people who should do something. All well and good, but are we really afraid to talk to these kids ourselves as concerned citizens? Not worth our time? Would be for me on my corner."

    I agree with you 100%. Many of these kids have never really be exposed to anything postitive and I guess most of the neighbors had never talked to them. They think the "better" neighbors are out to get them.

    I talked to an Uplift admininstor today at Disney and she said none of those kids on the videos were Uplift students. She wants the community to explore Uplift with an open mind. She said Uplift has a 95% graduation rate and all graduates were accepted at colleges ( 70% 4 yr univ /30% 2yr college)

  17. I agree with Jason! These punks have definitely watched West Side Story a few too many times.

  18. Andy,

    wow, that Uplift administrator must have good eyesight. She could tell that none of those kids were Uplift students?

    Ninety five percent go on to college?

    This is a rhetorical post.

    I think it speaks to itself. Just like I speak to myself.

  19. Jeffery Littleton

    Wow, I mean WOW !!! I've been assigned to both the 4th and 6th fire districts in the past and yes I've seen some crazy after school activities over the years. That said your statement is so far out of context it's ridiculous !

    When is the last time you saw this sort of mob action while @ Lakeview, Amundsen, L.T. or Gordan Tech ? Ever see a kid attacking fellow students with a crobar at Von Stueben or Lincoln Park ??? Please enlighten us about this happening at:

    "Each AND Every High School in the City".

    You're right we shouldn't hold Schiller accountable for what happens at Fenger H.S., Robeson, Whitney Young, etc. And I really don't think anyone here does.


    Hopefully our next alderman would be taking the next mayor to task over no available police to respond on the streets (low manpower), low standards of education i.e. UpLift, concentration of social services in the area with no watchdog. For starters.

  20. Bad Brad,

    I don't think they're watching West Side Story. I mean, it'd be pretty sweet if they were settling their differences via highly choreographed dance numbers. That would actually be pretty cool to look out you window and here this big singing and dancing production.

    Heck, even settling their difference with step battles would be a huge improvement. I'd take that. I saw Stomp The Yard, it was great.

  21. Andy, the administrator for Uplift (that is located at Disney? WTF?) is a liar. Plain and simple. It is the students at Uplift. Period.

    Next subject..

  22. For anyone interested in finding out what James Cappleman would do if elected Alderman, check out his latest newsletter. It gives a detailed list of the actions he would make happen. Sad that our current Alderman can't even bother to admit that these events take place on a regular basis.

  23. TrumanSquareNabr, actually, the kids at Schurz DO fight. Just about everyday, too. They don't fight with weapons like these kids do, but believe me, they do fight. I pass them up regularly on the way home and I've seen them fighting in the streets. Plus, there are many reports of CPD having to break up these fights over there almost every single day.

    I think the reason why there's not fights at Walter Payton, Jones, Lane Tech, etc. is because they mostly hand select what kids they want in their schools.

  24. this is not a brawl, for the record.

  25. Brawl:

    a noisy quarrel, squabble, or fight.

    Synonyms: brawl, broil, donnybrook, fracas, fray1, free-for-all, melee, row.

    These nouns denote a noisy, disorderly, and often violent quarrel or fight:

  26. I of course over-stepped a bit when I sais EVERY high school. Let's say every open admission public. It was true in the early 80's at Roosevelt where I went.

    These are not Uplifts kids... They are our kids!

    Very good question asked: what Exactly are the aldermanic candidates proposing for this vexing problem.

    We all know yhey are reading the UU in all its finery.

    So far only Andy Lam has had the guts too speak up in this popular local forum.

    Why the silence?

    A specific suggestion:

    Why not hold the "positive loitering" in the afternoon when school let's out?

  27. Am I the only one who believes that the constabulary has almost no power over this sort of thing. I don't mean to say that they aren't doing their job - I'm sure they're doing their best. I'm saying that this sort of behavior has it's roots deep in the long-neglected school system and job market. There isn't much an alderman, or even a mayor can do, in the short run, to eliminate this nonsense.

    Here's an idea that might work, however - after school activities. Personally, I'd love to coach a HS rugby team in this neighborhood. These angry kids would be great rugby players!

  28. Jeffrey,
    As was previously mentioned, James Cappleman specifically addressed this event and what he would do in his newsletter. Yes it's not on UU, but I would consider his website (and e-mail blast that went out) an adequately public reaction to the situation.

  29. Uptown Superhero,

    My wife and I met an Upfilt administor at Disney during a high school fair this morning. [2 of my kids attned Disney] This lady was promoting her school and so were every other area high schools such as Senn, Lane Tech, Rickover...etc.

    It would be great if we can have some positive ID on these brawl participants.

    I drove pass that stretch of Sheridan Road daily but it was pretty much quiet most of the time.

    Did anybody talk to any CPD officers and know for sure who these kids were?

    If more people like Rob Ross would stand up and divert the kids' angery engery into something postive, that would be great.

  30. Jeff,

    Yes, the UU is a good forum to exchange ideas with others. I admire you for speaking your ideas. We live in America and we are very fortunate to have a democratic system where ideas can flow freely.

    Andy Lam

  31. Would it be too much to ask Capplemans avatars to cut and paste just one of these suggestions for making these kids behave themselves.
    If it is too much trouble and time - guess an email blast or two will have to do.
    - have seen all of the websites and find the all generic and derivative to the core, nothing new.
    Rob Ross just gave a specific example.
    I did in regards to holding positive loitering at an earlier hour.
    Let's here it candidates with the exception of Andy who has spoken up?
    Please share this with us, in this forum. If its too much to ask then fine....

  32. From the 10/27/2010 e-mail newsletter of James Cappleman
    Candidate for Alderman of the 46th ward

    "Response to violence at Leland and Sheridan
    Yesterday afternoon, a block away from my home, there was more street violence involving a large number of youth. It's the third incident this year and residents are understandably upset about it.
    This violence not only affects the local residents, but it also affects local businesses as well. The fact of the matter is if we want to attract more retail into the area, if we want a safer neighborhood for our schools, we must address safety issues as they occur.
    As your alderman, I will:
    • Meet with the area school principals, interested parents, a CTA representative, and the police commander to hold responsible parties accountable for making a safer neighborhood.
    • Redevelop the Police Explorer Program, a program with a mission to improve the relationship of the police with students.
    • Make sure a representative from the schools attends the local CAPS meeting. No excuses.
    • Redevelop the program that requires students to participate in a community project and allow them to volunteer for a local business. This helps the student develop needed job skills and responsibilities and it also affords them the opportunity for mentorship from a responsible business owner.
    • Require any student caught in violence to have their parent come in for a conference with a school representative and make any needed restitution for damaged property.
    • Work with local businesses to bring more police cameras and security cameras into the neighborhood.
    • Work with other fiscally responsible alderman to repair the City's budget so that more police can be hired to protect all of us.
    The bottom line is: Once elected as your alderman, I'm not doing my job to the fullest extent if you don't feel safe. I will hold myself and every individual who is responsible for your safety accountable. I will make sure we do everything we can so everyone feels safe in our neighborhood."

  33. So many of these kids have nothing to do,so,what do you do when you have nothing to do? You get into trouble. Many of them have parents(single parents,the father is not in their lives in most cases) who either don't know or don't care about what they're doing after school(or during summer vacation),UNTIL one of their sweet,loving kids gets ALLEGEDLY hassled by the police.Then they come out of the woodwork.The 4600 block of north Kenmore is one of the quietest blocks in the city,until the hoodlums from other blocks come over and hang out in Aster Park.Furthermore,these kids aren't taught that what they wear and how they talk determine the kind of respect they're going to get(pants hanging off the rump,shouting while walking down the street,etc.).

  34. Andy, your being so naive is EXTREMELY frustrating.. as someone who has actually lived on this corner for years.. please do not tell me what I do not see. Please do some actual research...look at old UU posts..if you want to run for Alderman you should check facts before spouting out a self serving school administrator. It really ticks me off that you have no clue on the history of this corner and what continues to happen, yet you want to be our Alderman.. get your facts first Andy, before pretending to be an expert

  35. The thought of my kids someday going to the same public schools as those societal garbage in the video is frightening... Thank god that I can afford private school.

  36. Where are the PARENTS/GUARDIANS of these little thugs?? These are the people who should be held accountable for raising such disobedient young adults. Once the police arrive on scene they might be able to arrest a handful for disorderly conduct or mob action but it won't stop this tomfoolery. I know from experience that juvenile delinquents don't give a flying f*#k what happens to them with police because in 2 hours they are signed over to a relative and back to their usual antics. There is no deterrent to bad behavior!
    Can't we at least give them community service requirements?! Pick up a broom and a dust pan, get a shovel and clean some sidewalks, something, anything.