Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wild Pug In Need Of Investors

From a Wild Pug email, spread the word to prospective investors:
"As many of you know, it has been a difficult time to be in business. Our staff has worked hard to provide a great experience for our customers. We have done everything possible to contribute to the community and build the business. We are now at a point that if we do not find additional investors, we will have no choice but to close the business in the near future.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us. We hope you will stop by and see us soon."


The Pugs
Wild Pug
4810 N Broadway, 773-784-4811


  1. It sounds like what they need is customers.

  2. Why isnt there enough people?

    Is there too many bars right there by the corner? You have Crew, Fat Cat, Uptown Lounge AND Wild Pug.
    Oh and Green Mill.

    Or is there just not enough people living there to support that many bars? Or maybe there will be but not just yet.

    Anyhow, sad to hear and hope they do okay.

    I havent been inside.
    Is there something they are lacking?
    What kind of bar is it anyways?
    Maybe they can pawn themselves off as the headquarters of some bigten school or something so those guys can meet to watch sports there.

  3. Never liked this place, when I went in there to check it out people seemed very hostile towards me.

  4. i think they should advertise their dog day sat afternoons!! that's the best. and you can order crew food, which is - of course - amazing.

    OR... they should do a GROUPON!!!

  5. From the owner of the cupcake gallery...yup, they should DEFINITELY do a groupon!

  6. I too have been in there and it is a nice looking place but the atmosphere presented towards me made me feel out of place. It was not the kind of go back and spend my money a couple times a week place to me.

  7. Whats with all this "I dont feel welcome here" "hostile" stuff? Did they make fun of your shoes, call you fat or just ignore you, not take your order or get it wrong. Ive always had good service there, even when they were busy on weekends, so this comes as a surprise

  8. Always have a good time at the Pug. You could almost call me a "regular." But I admit, it is rarely packed. I think they have a tough time attracting the late night crowds that a bar (without food) needs to survive.

    Why, I don't know...the service has always been great to me and the bar itself was designed great.

  9. Wild Pug has always been a friendly environment. As a gay community, we need to rally around this business and keep it afloat..

  10. Always wanted to check it out. I did. In defense of others, I did think the service that night was somewhat rude. Aloof bartender. We all have bad nights.

    Invited by friends to join them there months later. Just not my thing.

    The area keeps me away. Walked down Broadway from the North one night on my way to Crew, nothing else to do. A group of thugs I was keeping my distance from ahead of me ducked into a doorway. Not taking any chances, headed back home. Not everyone has money for cabs in this economy.

    The slew of beggers outside those establishments doesn't help your businesses either. It's more than irritating.

  11. I agree with IrishPirate that they probably need customers.

    It is hard to put my finger on it but I just really don't like the place. I prefer to go to Fat Cat or Crew if I am going to go to a bar on that block.

  12. I never thought they were rude, but the space planning is awkward. When you are seated it feels like you are on display when the standing area isn't crowded. Also, they played their music really loud. I even commented to the bartender about it, and he said it was the DJ who was in control. I always feel like an old fuddy duddy when I suggest they turn down the music at bars, but if it's not a dance club, then wouldn't you want people to be able to hear themselves?

    It's too bad because Crew is cool, and they need an irish-type bar on that stretch but it really should serve food and have more table seating. This sucks because it will be bad to have that space go empty, unless another bar moves in.

  13. I love the place. The people are so outgoing and nice and just want to have a good time. Order food from Crew if you are hungry. The music is always great. I love the front window area where you can people watch feel the Chicago breeze etc. They always have something planned on different nights. Grab a bunch of friends go and take over the place!

  14. Saying I've been there is a stretch. I walked in on a Saturday and was greeted by ~ 50 dogs and their accompanying stench. I was planning to plop myself down for the night and catch a game, but was immediately turned off. I made a passing comment to a friend I was with that it looked like be better go somewhere else and the woman at the door agreed and told me they didn't want "people like me" there anyway. People like me? People that don't want to smell 50 dogs in close quarters while I watch a game or grab a bite to eat?? The comment totally turned me off and I haven't been back. I will admit that I'm always saddened to see a business that struggles and, despite my opinion of the place, I'd rather see it do well than have to shutter its doors.

  15. I'm definitely not a regular, but go occasionally to meet friends or attend a neighborhood event. I'm hardly their target demographic - middle-aged hetgirl Pepsi drinker - but they've always been welcoming and hospitable, day and night. Steven and Brian have brought a lot to the neighborhood and I'd love to see lightning strike twice for them.

    My only complaint with WP is that the options are drinking and socializing and... that's pretty much it. At Crew, there's food and sports in addition to the drinking and socializing. I can and have spent hours at Crew. Can't say the same for my options at Wild Pug.

  16. I was really sad to see this e-mail. I've been a regular for Dog Day Afternoons and other events.

    Brian and Steve have always been super supportive. I've held a couple fundraisers at Pug and they did everything they could to help make them a success. They really have a positive impact on the entire Uptown community.

    If you haven't been, check out the website and find an event that that you would enjoy. Game Show Night, Karaoke, Dog Day Afternoon, Unpugged - Acoustic Music, etc. For those of you that feel awkward going there, at least you know there'd be some kind of focus other than socializing and drinking.

  17. I hope not to offend anyone with this comment as it's not a gay vs. straight debate, but a comment on a business decision... but I never understood why this place was put there catering mostly to the gay community. There is Crew right there already, and the ONLY other decent bar in the northern part of Uptown is Fat Cat (unless you want to dodge bullets on your way to Nick's on Wilson), which is a very expensive place if you're planning on going out drinking all night.

    Maybe if they marketed to a wider range of clientele, they wouldn't be looking for "investors" only a year or two after opening.

    Based on all the negative feedback from other UU'ers in this comments section, it seems like their staff isn't the most friendly or adequate either, so maybe the owners should consider looking at themselves instead of looking for investors?? Just a thought.

  18. I love the Wild Pug. You can find me there most Saturdays between 3 and 6 at Dog Day Afternoon, which means my dogs love the Wild Pug too!

  19. I really want to go to Wild Pug more, but the lack of seating and food is a real turn off. Wild Pug comes across as an English/Irish pub, yet doesn’t have any English/Irish food. I know that you can order food from Crew, but if I want food from Crew, I’d go to Crew. It’s a shame, because it would be nice to have another food option on that stretch on Broadway.

  20. Wild Pug has is one of the greatest places around. The atmoshphere and bartenders are aweseome. I hope that they are able to stay afloat and become a thriving neighborhood establishment.

    For those who have never been there, check it out and see for yourselves.

  21. Back on the gay bar thing. I am a straight male and think crew is great and go there often. I have always been treated well there. When I go to WP, I feel like they don't like straight guys in there. Just sayin'.

    I don't want to see them go out of business though.

  22. Not surprised they are closing. They should close. Recently my friend wanted to have a birthday party and contacted Wild Pug to see if it would be a problem and that he would be bringing in good business. They said sure no problem. When the people began to arrive, the Pug said no way that there would be too many people. I would say it was about 30-40 party goers and it was early in the night and there was no one at the Pug anyway. So last minute the party moved to SoFo where the staff are much friendlier and accommodating. Good riddance Pug!