Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cornerstone Preservation

A reader sends in the following pic and info:

"Thought you'd like to know that Cornerstone has finally "repaired" their crumbling cornice. The scaffolding, as you all reported, had been up for over 6 months to protect pedestrians from chunks of crumbling concrete falling from this ill-kept building at 4656 N. Malden, better known as "Leland House." I can report that the scaffolding is gone, as well as a large portion of the top of the building. Knowing JPUSA's track record for architectural preservation, I doubt we will see the cornice return."


  1. Glad for this center.If everyone would just contact Chris Ramsey there with your complanits about this center,he would comply.Please remember everyone,there is good poor people out there.In America ,we should never look down on each other because we are homeless.That I will never understand in this country.We need to take care our own.If our own act like fools ,then they should not have our support.

  2. For some reason, the parkway to the north of this building on Leland is very frequently strewn with trash (e.g. cans, empty liquor bottles, junk food bags etc). I don't know if the residents are generating the trash or it just collects there more than on the other three corners, but it's pretty regularly dirty. I'll contact Chris Ramsey to see if he can do anything about it.

  3. UR-

    I agree, that parkway can get dirty, but it is nothing compared to the parkway on the south side of Leland just east of Magnolia. In my opinion, that's the parkway on Leland between Clark and Broadway with the most trash.

  4. ::UPDATE::

    They are working on the Leland House now. I walked by today, they've put together a nice swing-stage to work the the curved corners. I am not privy to the extent of work to be done but progress is progress.

    @ Racin' on Racine,

    I also coincidentally noticed today the litter on the Leland parkway, just east of Magnolia south-side of the street right.

    It has way more litter then all of others properties around it, always has. When they cut the weed/grass patches they just shred most of the litter as well.

    This is a problem with a MINORITY of "self-managed" condo buildings unfortunately.

    The yard inside their 7' high wrought iron fence looks clean and trim enough...soooo....what is the problem?