Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, Hello There... 46th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Number Seven

A reader writes in:

Saw this while I was out walking my dog. How many candidates does this make now? Seven?  In case the picture doesn’t come through, the website is http://www.citizensforstewart.com/.


  1. Oh man. This is getting better every day. This candidate actually has an impressive academic background.

    Add in Asian ancestry. Lesbian. From the photo I'm also guessing at some black and white ancestry. Grew up in Uptown. Catholic schools and Buddhist ties. Emily is her own American salad bowl. This woman could be the Uptown Tiger Woods, without the sex scandals hopefully.

    God, at our best America is one hell of a great nation and Uptown at our best is a great hood.

    She criticizes Shiller on her website. Gotta like dat!

    Probably around 30 years old which would make her the youngest candidate.

    From the quality of the website and the background/resume Ms Stewart could be a player to watch in this election. At least her website has descent gramer and spelin.

    I'm not sure some of the more recent announced candidates can even get on the ballot, but something tells me this candidate will be on the ballot.

    This race is becoming a political junkies fix.

    The Phelan edge as the only female just disappeared, but Molly still has the best ballot name.

  2. Looking at her bio, she clearly knows where the WCE is coming from

    "Emily was born and raised in Uptown and has seen the best and worst that Uptown has to offer. When Emily was ready to attend grammar school, her local school, Goudy, was rated the worst school in the nation. Her family sacrificed and often went without to send her to a private grammar school in Old Town and to Saint Ignatius College Prep. "

  3. On her website she states, crime has decreased significantly over the past few years. I wonder what part of Uptown she lives on? Enough is enough already.

  4. I wonder if the male candidates are feeling pretty good about this announcement.

  5. Prior to law school, Emily worked on an Illinois State Senate campaign and a United States Senate campaign.

    Ya' can't come out and declare previous campaign experience as a plus on your resume without letting us know the identities of the candidates.

    Sure, I'll sign her petition to get on the ballot; but, if the only idea she can muster when she introduces herself to the world is the political hot potato of a land based casino ....?

    I don't want a dusty machine pol in this seat, nor do I want political neophyte.

  6. She had me interested until this, the first sentence of her "budget" page:"We need to address the corruption and waste in Chicago. That is why I would support Mayor Daley..."

  7. WISEGUY, she's an Uptown lifer, which probably gives her 30+ years in this hood. Parts of Uptown are indeed much better now than they were decades ago. That may be little comfort to you, but her statement isn't necessarily incorrect.

  8. Wiseguy, you misquoted her regarding the decrease in crime. Her website says "The crime rate in the 46th Ward has decreased significantly over the past three decades. But we still have a long way to go." I can't find anything wrong with this statement.

  9. A trio of Ms. Stewart's supporters approached me with her petition yesterday, which I gladly signed. However, their pitch was "Get rid of Shiller!" After I told them that Shiller had already formally announced that she would not run, they said one other person had told them that, but it was the first they'd heard of it. I was floored.

  10. Bradley,

    I had to re-read that line a few times myself.

    The way she's presented that thought is clunky, though I think her point is that expanding the IG's role was a Daley initiative (ish), and if this item came up for a vote, she would support it.

    That is why I would support Mayor Daley and vote to expand the Inspector General’s jurisdiction to include the City Council.

    Of course, there are more than a few other examples where she seems to come across as fairly pro-Daley.

    Among all of the other things she'll need to clarify, her position on the mayor will certainly need to be addressed.

  11. I hear you YO, though...

    The Daley IG proposal is so weak as to be meaningless. To look to da mare for inspiration and leadership for reform is laughable at best.

  12. Goudy the "worst school in the nation?" I know that Chicago was once called the "worst school system" by someone in the US Education Dept., but as far as individual schools - somehow I would imagine that there are places in the rural South and West that would be more likely to receive that kind of designation.

  13. Nope, Local Lassie, you're supposing wrong. Goudy WAS the worst school in the nation. Ask Mary Ann Smith about it sometime. Its designation as such became the reason MAS "adopted" it and worked so hard to improve the building and curriculum.

    BTW, the Chicago Bar Ass'n has had a lot to do with Goudy's improvement. Lawyers donated, and continue to donate, money and time to the school, as William C. Goudy was the first president of the CBA. The CBA remains actively involved.

  14. Hmmm.


    According to the IARDC (Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission) website, Ms. Stewart apparently works out of her home rather than with a law firm. No big deal.

    But this kind of floored me: She was admitted to the Illinois Bar on November 5, 2009, less than a year ago. She is also a member of the New York State bar.

    She may have been raised in Uptown, but it appears she hasn't lived here much in recent years.

    I'm willing to be proven wrong.

  15. Interesting, too, that she doesn't carry malpractice insurance. Makes me wonder how much law she actually practices.

  16. OK, TSN, so just what was so "worst" about Goudy? Its curriculum? Graduation rate? Student misbehavior? I just can't wrap my mind around a school on the North Side of Chicago being more dysfunctional than an underfunded institution in an isolated part of the country.

  17. I'm guessing that she was a biglaw associate in NY for two or three years before moving back to Chicago.

  18. TSN,

    I don't think I'd call her a carpetbagger. Went to college in NYC, returned to Chicago for law school, and apparently back to NYC for two years or less. She still appears to have strong Uptown ties.

    It's not unusual for graduates of top law schools like Northwestern to head to NYC to do finance related work. Many people burn out on that grind quickly.

    "Just Wondering" I'd guess that the chance of Molly making the runoff dropped sharply when Emily got in da race. Does that make the male candidates feel "pretty good". I'd guess yes.

    However, and there's always a however, at least by resume and background Stewart appears to have the makings of a serious candidate. Be careful what you wish for guys.

    IF, and it's a BIG IF, she can raise serious money, she could be a serious candidate. By "serious" I mean someone with a legitimate shot at making da runoff.

  19. Daley not running for reelection according to media sites.

    I am floored.

    I was told two or three weeks ago that he was gearing up his campaign to run. Last time I listen to some drunken 19th ward politico at a wedding.

    The 46th Ward race just got even more interesting as obviiously does the mayoral race.

    Time to 'take the cheese".

  20. @ Local Lassie:


    Specifically: http://bit.ly/bJmn4s

    And more: http://bit.ly/d8HRft

    Whether or not it was truly the "worst" school, it was indeed deemed as such...

  21. Found her LinkedIn page:

    St. Ignatius Prep 1994-1998
    NYU 1998-2002
    Research Analyst for Hull for Senate 2002-2004 (the guy that lost to Obama)
    NU Law 2005-2007
    Associate at Dewey & LeBoeuf 2007- May 2009
    Legal Advisor at Entrex Inc. from Oct 2009 to present

    Entrex appears to underwrite a hybrid debt/equity security and taking the job probably necessitated joining the bar in Illinois. www.entrex.net. Not sure if they only do oil/gas sector or also other sectors.

  22. sounds like she's smart, knows uptown, and finance/law...seems like a pretty good candidate to me.

  23. I'm glad she loves Uptown, but I wonder why she didn't manifest this love by doing a lot of volunteer work in the community before she announced her run?

    She loves something, but I'm not clear it's the neighborhood. It should have been backed up with some action before she announced her run. Same holds true with a few other candidates and getting paid to do your city job doesn't count.

  24. @Just Wondering--I'm the last person to ding the importance of volunteerism but I'm not so sure it should be the defining filter for evaluating the skills and capacity of any candidate.

    Consider Scott Waguespack. I think he might have coached a kid's sports team before becoming Alderman but not much else. Same with Barack Obama. His community organizing background rightfully earned him credibility at the grassroots but people forget (or don't know) that was he was paid for that work. It was his full-time job.

  25. I would agree, but it's through the volunteering that one gets to know the community residents, the area businesses, the locally elected leaders, and the issues facing the community. Any candidate with that background has a heads up on the others. It's why all of these candidates are scrambling to list all their community work, and some are having a more difficult time with that than others.

  26. would agree, but it's through the volunteering that one gets to know the community residents, the area businesses, the locally elected leaders, and the issues facing the community.

    I imagine that growing up in the community has given Ms. Stewart at least a somewhat similar knowledge.

  27. Toucan, my point is that it's better to have an established leader run for this office who has already formed some solid working relationships with many different people in the ward.

    If Ms. Stewart can prove that, she'll get my attention, but I've never heard of her and I never heard her challenge our current alderman's leadership that has crippled and divided this community for decades. Given her silence, I wonder if she would be willing to speak up in City Council?

    Of all the current candidates, only 2 out of 7 have had a history of speaking up before they announced their candidacy. The rest were silent, and their silence was deafening.