Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Make "Cousins" A Part Of Your Family

A reader sends in a good review of "The Cousins" restaurant at 1463 W. Leland, just east of Clark:
"I saw a link on your Facebook page with the Yelp review for The Cousins restaurant.
My wife and I are always looking for new places in Uptown to try so we stopped in. I had the Tuscany Chicken sandwich and she had an omelette. We were both surprised by the amount of food you get for the price, and most of all the taste. My chicken sandwich came on focaccia bread with a side of thick cut fries. My wife's omelette came with hash browns and toast. The wait staff were friendly and the interior was welcoming. I hope your readers will support this restaurant and others in Uptown. We make it a point of dining out at least one night a week in Uptown."


  1. Over the Holiday weekend I stopped with my wife to eat at Cousins. The food was very good and well worth the price. It is on my list of return business for sure.

  2. I was glad to read this and the other Yelp reviews of The Cousins. I walked by this weekend and grabbed a menu and I have to admit that it looks a bit schizophrenic....breakfast, Italian, Mexican, sandwiches...the list goes on. I originally didn't have very high hopes (as often times places that try to do too much end up doing far too little) but am encouraged and will make a point to check it out to see for myself.

  3. order from cousins regular...never disappointed...Should try Villa May Pizza on Lawrence as well

  4. I went to Cousins yesterday for the first time. I have to say, it was delicious. I had the Chicken Gordon Blue, which I think is supposed to be a "Chicken Cordon Bleu". At first I thought a little pricey at 8.75, but let me tell you, the portions are huge. I ate only obout 3/4's of the sandwich and half the fries. So I still have that left over and the bowl of soup and bread that came with it. Easily two meals, Im looking forward to having the rest at lunch today. It was pretty dead in there, so if you havent tried it, I suggest you do. The breakfast menu also looked fantastic.