Friday, September 3, 2010

There's An App For That

We are happy to welcome Reed Appliance to Uptown, which specializes in sales and service of high-end home appliances.  It's located at 1313 W Wilson, just a couple doors east of the Cupcake Gallery, in the same spot that the insurance office occupied until recently.


  1. Nice looking store
    and nice looking appliances.

    Wine Cooler?
    I guess thats for white wines.

    Very Nice to see this on wilson.
    On Howard in Rogers Park a highend cabinet store has a storefront just this past year.

  2. awesome :) more biz is welcome!

  3. This type of business is very positive for our area. It will draw people from other areas to shop as target has already done. I just hope it stays.

  4. Welcome, best of luck. When it's time to re-place my current appliances I'll do my best to support this store. Delivery should be cheap!

  5. Looks like a nice addition to the community. By the way geofredo, the wine coolers are for reds and whites (some have different temp zones depending on white or red).

  6. If it doesnt work or you change your mind they will not give you a refund so make sure you are making the right discussion first