Thursday, September 2, 2010

Positive Loitering Tonight, Wilson & Magnolia @ 7pm

From Magnolia Malden Neighbors:
Please join your neighbors for an evening of Positive Loitering on Thursday from 7-8 PM at the corner of Wilson and Magnolia. The event is being co-sponsored by Magnolia Malden Neighbors, GWNA, and Uptown Chicago Commission, and all are encouraged to attend.


  1. Hopefully, the Graceland-Wilson neighbors will be involved in this as well.

  2. The event IS being co-sponsored by GWNA per the post. =)

  3. D'oh. Mom always told me to read things thoroughly before responding. I never listen.

  4. Spoiler alert - I hear the CPD officers tonight are going to announce that several of the businesses have posted no trespassing signs.

    This means that if you see anyone loitering in the mini-mall's parking lot after 11pm you can call 911 to report trespassers and CPD will be able to arrest them for trespassing.

    Another helpful tool for the neighborhood, which is good news, because after seeing the fiasco that is Wilson between Broadway and Magnolia the last few nights, the area needs all the help it can get.

  5. No Trespassing signs is a good idea.I know if you have 1 posted in the front and back of a apt building right over the entrance doors and someone gets in the building that should not be there-its the only way they will be charged with crimal trespassing in court.The signs have to be posted.1st thing judge will ask -Did property have NO TRESPASSING signs posted?

  6. Can someone explain the hoopla regarding NO TRESSPASSING signs? The Magnolia & Wilson strip mall has posted such sings for sometime. They are not a deterrent to the ilegal activity...

  7. Great late turn out tonight. Good news, Magnolia Mall now has off duty police officers on patrol until the mall closes at 11. Hopefully as a community we can begin supporting the business's located there again (now that they will be safe). Three Harmony has the best egg rolls in the city, get some!

    Say hello to the patrolling officers of the mall as well, they are great guys that are looking to rid the area of all the violence that we have had to live through. The more support we show them, the sooner this area can live without free flying bullets.

  8. Well Im glad to hear that the minimall has hired security.

    Phew, I was starting to wonder about uptown.

    I was driving home wednesday night and decided to take wilson off of lsd on the way home.
    Yep it was nuts, around 9-10pm bunch of cops at the hell on earth mcdonalds on wilson for god knows what.
    That mcdonalds on wilson and the one on foster are the worst on the north side. What did uptown do to derserve this?

    They remind me of how bad the mcdonalds on chicago ave on the near north side by loyola downtown campus used to be.

  9. wish the places on sheridan & lawrence could take similar measures! you literally have gang bangers smoking in the doorway of S&L

  10. I guess what I've learned, is that it's just so schizophrenic in Uptown.

    Wilson has a lovely stretch, near Magnolia, but it's also a white T-shirt gathering point. (that said, there is NOTHING appealing about the actual corner of Wilson and Broadway).

    Might be a good idea if Jody Weis had a summit, up here.

  11. The hoopla is Stoked--if sign is not posted -judge will dismiss case-remember -both sides have rights.It is our system dear.Legal.

  12. And to add.....Uptown Update is my 'survival guide' up here.

    I really appreciate all the useful info, the good and the bad....

  13. What is better "no trespassing" signs, "We Call Police" or "NRA Supporter" signs?

  14. dmambrose1970, what's your point? The bangers don't have the slightest idea what "NRA" is (and neither do most city-dwellers)--unlike the right-wing wingnuts and Cornfield Joes driving around the hinterlands in their beat-up Ford F-150 4x4's with the NRA sticker in the back window. You people need to be part of the neighborhood and part of the solution instead of being one-track-mind Second Amendment idiots. Or are YOU going to sit there in the parking lot of the mini-mall in your beat-up Ford F-150 4x4 with your rifle to make the point to the gangbangers? Put up or shut up, buddy.

  15. Molbop Please read carefully -
    The NO TESSPASSING signs have been in the Wilson / Magnolia strip mall for several years. Most of the CHA builings also have NO LOITERING or NO TRESSPASSING signs - And the criminal activity persists,

  16. the signs and police presence will be great for the businesses, but what happens when the loiterers start hanging out on the street corners or outside of peoples homes?

    The no loitering signs would also be great in other places around town as well. Like under the EL or where the drunkards go to throw an impromptu street party.

    I know these questions can't be answered right now, but I hope there has been some thought around the action/reaction of these new changes.


  17. bear60640:
    DONT buy a gun and DONT protect yourself. When Joe Crackhead breaks into your place at 3:00am, simply hand over your wallet and other valuables and be done with it. And hope you dont end up with a cut throat for not having enough for Joe Crackhead to sit up and smoke all night long. 2nd Amendment idiots ? Wingnuts ? Give me a break. Have fun in namby pamby land.

  18. When bangers loiter on the corner
    simply call the cops and let them know that they are representing or throwing gang signs.

    Then proceed to call 911 every 15 minutes until action is taken by the police. Thats what I do.

    You have to be persistent. The cops will probably think you are obnoxious. Be its the bangers who are obnoxious. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Dont give the bangers any peace.
    Do they give you peace?

  19. pepperspraycommando: Guess what, buddy? I *DO* own a couple of rifles, a shotgun, and a .38 handgun. I happen to use them out in the country for target practice and deer hunting, as do my family and many friends. I don't have anything to prove, and I don't feel it necessary to hammer on "the right to bear arms" like a broken record. I also don't feel it's appropriate to make stupid comments about Second Amendment at every opportunity--you guys would even find a way to "NRA" a posting about a Girl Scout cookie drive. So take your namby-pamby chest-thumping and do something about it--like I said, if it's THAT important to you, sit out in the mini-mall parking lot with your guns and make good with your talk. As far as Joe Crackhead goes, it would be hard for him to slit my throat when he's dealing with two broken kneecaps, a broken jaw, and a broken arm.

  20. @geofredo

    great advice.

    I think we are smarter than this though. There has to be more creative ways to make the streets safer for the community. Even if its one sliver of sidewalk at a time. If a person has enough guts to deal drugs on the street in broad daylight, they probably wouldn't care about breaking a no trespassing, or no loitering law. Just a guess of course.

    I have no real answers. Just a few ideas that might spark some interest.

    I have been to meetings and positive loitering events and do my part as a citizen of the ward to make myself visible in even the toughest parts of Uptown, yet I haven't seen much change.

    Positive loitering is great, but has an invitation to join the event been extended to the residents of the lower income buildings?

    Speaking for myself, the positive loitering walks that I have been on made me feel like I was separating myself from the community rather than being a part of the community. This is why I haven't attended any more of the events.

    Please don't flame me. I'm trying to open a healthy, productive dialog to help figure out how to get all people together for the good of the community.

    what are some of your creative ideas to ending gang violence?

  21. C'mon, Moosh. The only time you've attended positive loitering events you've chosen to separate yourself from the group and stand across the street taking pictures of people. Maybe that's why you feel separated.

  22. From 1st hand experience... the cops say they must have a "no trespassing" sign anywhere on the property in order to arrest someone who is on your property without your permission. Even if it's on your back gate and the person is in your front yard.

    Otherwise, all the po-po can do is shoo them along.

    Also, if the loitering gang has a girl hanging with them, when you call the cops make sure you tell them its guys and gals. That way if an arrest is made, they have to send a female cop to do the frisk and possibly the transport. Result, more cops at the scene.