Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shots Fired Near Lawrence & Malden

There's no long holiday weekend when you're bangin' -- no days off from causing havoc in your community.  A lot of readers were awoken around 2am by the sound of 6 - 10 shots being fired.  As a neighbor said, "They emptied a clip!"  Another neighbor said:  "2-3 cop cars speeding west down Lawrence 5 minutes later."

A reader on the scene send in these photos and reports:  "Around 1:45 last night, shots fired near Malden and Lawrence.  Neighbors were awakened. Per the police, the target was a vehicle double parked. I am not aware if anyone was hit, but I can confirm a vehicle parked on the street took some collateral damage. Police on the scene reminded me – CALL US IF YOU SEE SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY. THAT MEANS 911."

UU Note:  Slept through this, but was woken up by the sounds of two shots at 5am.  Haven't heard anyone else mention the 5am gunfire; anyone?


  1. I heard shots at around 5am. They sounded fairly far from my apartment at Montrose and Sheridan. There were around five, then a return of two.

  2. My boyfriend heard the shots. He said there were at least 5. I saw the cops outside for about an hour at 8am today. Car had window shot out of it.

  3. As a new member of the community I am both shocked and outraged at how much violence happens with in the Uptown community. Having spent 26 years in the Englewood Community I can honestly say it isnt half as worse but still when I move to the northside I moved here to escape the bullets, escape the thugs on the corner and escape having to see crack heads every day. I can honestly say after March i will not renew my lease and I will have to find a better area. But as a first time northsider this gives me a huge bad impression.

  4. Well, if he was double parked...

  5. Raven - Sorry to hear that your experience in Uptown has not been the "escape" you hoped it would be.
    I am not at all surprised, and sites like UU that make you aware can make you feel very uneasy, or the knowledge can empower you to be want to be part of the solution...

    I have been in Uptown about 2 years, and I am staying for now.

    I too am outraged about all the violence (although not shocked anymore), but I still see the potential. None of the raw ingriedients that I saw when I moved here that will make Uptown better have "spoiled", and with the retirement of the Alderman, hopefully a new spirit will bloom.

    Honestly, had I not seen the cops outside or the piles of broken glass in the street, I would have been none the wiser that several shots of gunfire had happened right outside my window.

    And speaking of piles of glass - Who cleans that up? Is that Don N.'s department? I would have thought the police who spent hours standing over the glass, measuring it, and taking photos of it with little numbered cards where the shells were found would have called in the mess to the street department.

    Maybe I will do it. Another inconvenience of living among a bunch of thugs who have no respect for others around them...

  6. Raven,

    My partner & I have been members of the Sheridan Park/Uptown neighborhood of now nine years. Yes, this is ridiculous and you should be shocked & outraged, but do not let the bad impression get the best of you. We have seen it far worse nine years ago along with the years past of my coming to Uptown to enjoy all the concerts that play here. So much has changed for the better since we have moved here, but despite the stresses of living anywhere in Chicago and the escalating violence that is happening all around the city can get the best of all of us living here. So don’t let it!

    This is your home as it is our home as is the neighbors’ around us. Moreover, whether you rent or own it does not matter because in the end we all have to fight for it in many different ways. Go to your local CAP’s meetings, call & follow up on 911 calls, or take part in the Positive Loitering, better yet (when or if possible) talk to any of the beat cops that are out (if any). The more people move out lets the “bad guys” win. If you stay (and I hope you do) in time it will make this beautiful community even stronger. Listen love- this is our community & home, and your being here helps us all.