Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Rest Of The Story

"Dear UU, I was just writing to let you know that the information you have online about the car crash yesterday morning is wrong and incomplete.  I know because my car was one of the ones hit.

Here's the story:

At about 4 a.m. September 15, a Hispanic man and two of his friends (all believed to be intoxicated), all in green soccer jerseys were driving west on Lawrence when the driver hit not two cars but 4. Mine, a red Saturn Vue was the first hit, in front of me was a minivan cab, also hit, then two sedans hit so
hard they were pushed onto the sidewalk. My Vue took most of the high speed impact, but all the cars had to be towed off the scene. The driver and his friends left the jeep they were driving stopped across traffic on Lawrence, and fled by foot.

The police had the drivers registration, name, address, phone, license number and VIN number. As of yesterday at noon, they had not found him yet. The police told me they were responding to a shots fired call when they found the crash. Neighbors had reported shots fired, thinking the noise of the crash was gunshots, not a crash. It did in fact sound like an explosion. The body shop is almost sure my car is totaled, the car that was being driven was totaled, and I am guessing at least one or two of the other vehicles will be deemed totaled as well. All in all the drunk driver and his drunk friends really did a great job.

Luckily it was early morning, because there are normally a lot of people outside enjoying the weather in front of the nursing home on Lawrence, and they would have been injured. Enjoy the pics, this is just my car."


  1. Too bad. I had the same happen to me years back when I use to park on the street. He hit mine so hard he was stuck behind the steering wheel. The driver was drunk, Illegal alien, no license, no insurance and never even showed up in court. Some kind of justice we have against people that have no respect or responsibility to others. Hope the cops can catch them and maybe in court you will have better luck but I would not hold your breath.

  2. Wow, really sorry to hear that - I was the one who made the erroneous proclamation that it looked like a simple accident; when I saw the group of people talking calmly to the cops I added 2 and 2, apparently getting 5. I also wish you good luck getting this resolved.

  3. This sucks; it appears to be a potentially-expected occurrence in Chicago.

    Recently, I helped my fiance in purchasing a new (to us) car in Carol Stream. The deal closed late at night and after getting to the city, we had to park on Broadway, just north of Sunnyside. I woke in the early AM to move her car out of the metered parking only to realize her 8 hour-old, $13,000 purchase had been side swiped. The car was un-drivable.

    She was supposed to wake happy and excited about a new car. Instead, at 7:00 AM, I had to tell her that her car was damaged by a hit and run.

    Worst morning I can think of...

  4. If they happened upon the wreck in the street and they still haven't found the "guy", how do we know they were hispanic/drunk/ that there were 3 and that they were wearing green jersies? Just wondering?

  5. Hi, am the owner of one of the cars that got hit. Please keep me posted if anyone finds out more. The information posted here was much more than I knew already.