Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Job For Graffiti Blasters

A reader sends in the following:
"While walking my dogs north through Challenger Park around 8:30 yesterday morning, I was astonished at how much graffiti is on the cemetery wall. The dogs and I turned around about 2/3 of the way up the path because I saw two people making out up in the wet grass, and I didn't want the dogs to make a scene. As we turned to head back I saw a group of about 6 teens all dressed in black head up to where the amorous pair were having at it.

I didn't have my phone but I flagged a neighbor pulling out of his drive into the Kenmore alley and asked him to call 911. Another neighbor using the dog park did the same, and I called as soon as I got home.

Neighbors along Buena and Kenmore, please be extra vigilant, especially in light of the shootings right on our streets."


  1. This what I metioned in a past post-they are comming more this way.I live in this area and have seen them walking around here and early in mornings to.This might be another thing they are trying.Early mornings to do no good instead of nites when alot more police on streets.

  2. Sorry I'm a little confused. What was the crime that instituted the 911?

    There is mention of "they" and what they are trying and I feel like I didn't quite get what that ways. Again just looking for a little more information.

    Did the teen harass or attack the couple? Did you see them putting up the graffiti? Graffiti after the fact is a 311 call. Making out in the park isn't a crime (depending on the extent of it). Walking toward other people in a group isn't a crime. In fact, its a constitutional right - even if that group is up to no good. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you can tell trouble just by looking at it - and these days there looks to be a lot of trouble around these parts. And these kids might be up to trouble - just not sure from this story what happened.

    Not being contrarian, just feel like I'm missing something in the story. Sorry if it is obvious.

  3. Oh and I totally advocate call 911 even if things just look suspicious, crime or no. Let the Police sort that out.

    Just wanted to know more about this incident as it seems more than just suspicion.

  4. I agree with d. I'm a little confused as to what warranted the 911 call. Teens dressed in black? A couple making out? We need more information on this story.

  5. I don't get it either did you call 911 because they had on all black, because they where in a group or because they were appoarching the couple?

    My reason for asking is because hell I'm out of my house very early in the morning and sometimes don't make it back in until extermly late and I wear sll black, but that's my work either so if someone saw me walking down the street or coming from gthe alley after tossing out my trash would that give them a right to call 911 just because I have on all black and I'm on the street at a odd hour of the day?

    What if they knew that couple? I mean I'm really not understanding what the threat was. Just saying I was walking my dog saw Graffiti, saw a couple making out and saw a group of people in all black walking down the street doesn't give reason for a 911 call.

    Hell it would have made more sense if you would have said the had on jeans and white tees then I would have saw the threat

  6. well....a 'group of teens all dressed in black heading toward the cemetery wall' doesn't sound good.

    On a related note, I walked about 3 miles west on Montrose, and a lot of buildings have been tagged with "Nomi" or something like that? Don't know how old or new it is, but it was amazing how many buildings this clown has tagged. Anyone know what 'Nomi' is?

  7. Okay so beyond all the call or don't call comments, how do we get the wall cleaned up???

  8. Jennifer call 311 and give an exact location and description of graffiti. The more people that call the more chance they will come and remove it.

  9. Dressing in black is not a crime of course.You can bet if they are wearing black hoodies ,bangy pants and trying to keep their heads looking down,they probaly are up to no good . Just like the guy running from Jewels last Sunday after shooting there.Never hurts to keep eyes open and be careful.

  10. Wow, strange comments
    its pretty clear to me
    that the writer was painting a picture of the park becoming a haven for hoodlums.
    Graffiti, a couple groping each other and a bunch of nogoodniks walking together,
    Pretty much the park has become a new hangout for neredowells.

    Get rid of the graffiti, which maks them feel at home and have the cops check up on them frequently.

    If thats what you want then let them be. If you dont pester them away with the cops.

    The gangs/hoodlums dont play fair
    and I dont either.

  11. One thing I never understand about graffiti is that most of the time, it's random scribbles...not gang symbols or names. Then again, "you selling secret," "clam chouder," and "chunk!" aren't exactly revelatory...I guess people just get a kick out of knowing someone's reading it.

    The fence separating Challenger Park from Graceland Cemetery is always covered with can see it from the El.

  12. Molbop I think you have a serious problem when you say, you can bet if they are wearing black hoodies, baggy pants and walking with their head down are probably up to no good. Remind me next time I wear this type clothing and look down to the ground not to be passing by you. It would be better to just call the graffiti busters and clean up the carp off the wall and hope it stays that way. If you see the punks doing it call 911.

  13. I've had really good response to reporting graffitti on-line. Here is where you do that:

    Cut, paste and bookmark. Especially helpful if you don't have the time to be on hold with 311. It helps to have a distribution list for your neighbors and request that they also call 311 or put in an on-line service request. I'm off to put one in for this wall.

  14. No problem here Wiseguy-I know a gangbanger when I see one.They are roaming this area ,and when the crap starts you will see how they are dressed dear.I guess the gun shots we are hearing around here are just them writing graffiti.Wow tagging has sure got loud.

  15. Okay - beyond the argument of whether or not fashion can be a crime....has anyone provided any further information about any actual crime committed?

    Just want to stay up to date with what's going on.

    Most people here agree that "signs" of crime are not welcome and have to potential to encourage real crime, but in order to make calls most effective they have to be accurate. The police can only do something if there is crime - and this I am glad for. They won't come if told people are dressed suspiciously and overall may take serious concerns less seriously. That said, I still would like to see more beat cops in the area as a walking deterrent.

    A more effective way to clean up the park is to petition for better lighting, more security and in general, frequenting the area more. If we stay home and avoid public areas we give away our neighborhood to the "bad" element. We make it easier for them.

  16. hey d

    just thought id let you know that i call the cops all the time for gangbangers loitering on my corner of rogers park, and guess what?
    They dont loiter there anymore
    and crime on the street is way way down. And maybe their loitering isnt strictly illegal, but
    again they dont play fair and i dont either. I call in that they are throwing gang signs which is illegal.

    So yeah, I call in BEFORE a crime happens. Not smart to WAIT until something bad happens.
    Better to NIP it in the BUD
    before something happens.

    Im just trying to stay up to date with whats going on too.
    And Im just trying to stay ahead of trouble too.

    All those other things you mentioned are fine d.

  17. Did anybody else see all the gang grafitti on the yellow brick building on the NW corner of Kenmore and Irving Park earlier this week? Clearly gang warfare going on: one set of signs, and then another set of gang signs that X'd out the original tags. Upside down crowns or whatever. There on the weekend, painted over on Tuesday.

    So heck yeah, when I see a group of six gang members in a grafitti-filled park, during the morning when they should be in school (ha!), I'm gonna call the cops. My bet says they're carrying weed/weapons/spray paint.

  18. Wiseguy, wearing a black hoodie, baggy pants and looking down at the ground is only a crime around here if you're not white. I walk around at 2am with groups of white people in the same outfit and haven't had a problem here.

    However, I used to live in a city that was almost entirely white. Wearing a black hoodie was a crime for everybody. My friends and I were hassled by cops for looking "suspicious" pretty frequently there.

  19. I find that one should always go with their gut, even if they can't explain why. The human mind is tricky like that, recognizing patterns subconsciously and translating them into emotional responses. If you have a gut feeling, go with it.