Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CAPS/Block Club Meeting Recap

via Graceland-Wilson Neighbors:
"We had an amazing joint block club meeting with Graceland Wilson Neighbors, Beacon Block Club and Dover Street Neighbors joining forces with the CAPS folks, CHA, and State’s Attorney that will be a turning point for restoring peace to our neighborhood. We’d like to use this meeting to catapult the momentum for building block club membership and participation. When we all work together, we can generate our personal power to make this happen!

The meeting was sponsored by CAPS and had reps from GWNA, Beacon Block Club and Dover Street Neighbors in attendance. We primarily focused on public safety issues with some excellent information provided by a 911 dispatcher, the VP of the CHA scattered site housing (Jadine Chou) and a representative from our local court advocate team (Richard Thale). Continue Reading

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