Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gunshots On Clifton

A reader sends in the following pic and info:
"It was a busy morning for the CPD in the neighborhood…while they were tending to the crime scene on Kenmore, someone shot out the back window of a neighbor’s car in the 4400 block of N. Clifton, too. It’s unclear if they’re connected, but it looks like someone drove through the construction fencing along Truman’s new building, right where Clifton ends and turns onto Sunnyside…crews have been out there repairing bent fence poles and chain link. Apparently the gangbangers need more to keep their idle minds occupied.

In the same vein, ol’ Helen-baby Shiller has been telling the media repeatedly that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do after she leaves office, but she’s going to stay in the neighborhood and keep being an activist. Since she was SO brilliant with her sociology degree to attempt a social engineering experiment by concentrating so many different gangs in such a compact area under the guise of “providing social services”, I have a suggestion for her: use that BRILLIANTLY-trained sociological mind of hers to solve the major problems that are mainly her creation—by resolving the gang wars in Uptown and by eliminating the gang-related crime and violence in Uptown. She certainly must have answers, since she has such a proud record of “achievement”. The residents of CHA and Section 8 housing would be eternally grateful to her if they could live their lives without fear of crime and retaliation, and if their kids could grow up without being intimidated and coerced by one of our prolific gangs. I hope that everyone takes every opportunity to suggest this to Helen…she COULD actually have a legacy if she put as much energy and effort into solving the gang problems she created by her policies (which would be welcomed by her constituents who need SAFE affordable housing!) as she has put over the years into fighting and disrespecting the other half of her ward’s population."

And another reader's account who lives on Clifton:

"We were awakened at 2:45 AM by 4-5 gunshots that sounded like they were coming from our kitchen. Phone rang, it was a neighbor who’s part of our 911 call group, asking if we heard the shots and called 911.
Police came, turned out the bullets were shot into a parked black Chevy Impala at 4430 N. Clifton. All the shots were in close range through the back window, not random gunfire. Car is registered to a tenant in the Voice of the Police building next door. No one answered the buzzer when the police rang; however the intercom is often broken."


  1. Isn't it physically impossible to stay in a neighborhood that you don't currently live in?

    If she loves Uptown so much, maybe she should move here.

  2. From an interview with a resident, in a book about Uptown, published forty years ago, in 1970:

    "It should be condemned, every building on Clifton Avenue. From Montrose all the way through that thing should be closed up. The Maremont Foundation building there, there's the only one that's actually fit for anybody to be in.
    I just don't like to live in a neighborhood where your wife can't walk down the street without people's knockin em in the head. In the spring of the year and summertime, when the weather's warm, it's just a knockout and drag-in there. It's a gang hangout."

  3. Big shocker that the car whose windows were targeted is registered to a VOTP building resident. That management company is a shameless section 8 profiteer that doesn't put nearly enough effort into keeping the criminal element out of their apartments.

    I really hope our new alderman has a plan for muscling managers of problem buildings into kicking out problem tenants. The status quo is not working.

  4. Sorry but the Clifton Apartments have very minimal gang activity. Please speak on what you know! And Clifton apartments are not section 8. Geesh, you use these terms so loosely like you really know what you are talking about.

    And FYI the car belongs to an older connection what so ever to any aspect of gang activity, so it is a "BIG Shocker"!

  5. Everyone acts like this is a NEW thing- this sh*t has been going on longer tan most of you have been alive.

  6. Why the comment about having a degree in sociology?