Saturday, September 18, 2010

Even More "Broken Windows" In Uptown

A reader sends in the following pic and info from the former Popeyes location in the Wilson L station:
"How ridiculous is this? The CTA was out here last week and replaced the broken windows that someone busted/shot out and now there are even more busted out windows (one pane directly to the left of this is bashed in as well)! Someone could have easily crawled inside the former Popeyes through this window. The last time these windows were busted out, they were boarded up and a mentally ill person ("You Selling Secert") scribbled on literally every square inch of the boards covering the window frame. Why can't the CTA get surveillance cameras on this corner and catch these morons in the act? I called 911 so hopefully the storefront will be secured."

Update 9/19: There are beer cans strewn about inside Popeyes as well as bags of junk. Squatters have invaded. There is also an American flag draped over the front counter.


  1. Just put the mini police station
    there then.
    Kills two birds with one stone.

    You have eyes on the street and security.

    This must be the most tortured spot on the northside of chicago.

  2. whatever happened to the "guardian angels" group? back in the 1990's they were very common on the cta and shady streets..

  3. It certainly is a big problem of windows being busted out on vacant buildings. I have seen in other cities the glass get a thick shatter proof plastic one in place if it was going to stay vacant for a long period of time. It is cheaper in the long run to use the plastic route then to keep installing new glass. This building is in the very busy section of Uptown and you would think they would take the needed steps to make their empty building safer.

  4. geofredo makes a great suggestion

  5. I thought vacant buildings were required to have windows and doors boarded up.

  6. Ah....this beloved corner.
    Always populated with misfits and folks with questionable intent.

    It boggles my mind, that the Brown Line stations, not too far west, are pristine.
    Somehow, it became 'OK' to have this sort of BS in Uptown.

  7. Not to add more bad news, but I also saw the owners of Silver Seafood sweeping up glass and boarding their front door at around 11 this morning.

  8. What I want to see happen at the Wilson El Station and the surrounding retail streets.

    I want the Wilson El to go through a major renovation that been promised for decades. I want to see the main structure move the card kiosks to the main floor where they belong.

    I want to see the entire structure the main entrance, windows and facade are pristine, brightly lit and welcoming.

    I want to see a new roof put on so new businesses with windowed storefronts open there. I want to see a great diner come with a sidewalk cafe.

    I want to see a cute produce market, with a fabulous deli section give commuters a quick choice for bringing home dinner.

    I want to see the south platform extended further south with an entrance/exit so I don't have to walk three blocks around the Truman and Wilson Yard walls that cut off access in our neighborhood.

    I want to see more people have a reason to be on our streets. When that happens, the people who are there for good reasons, make the others disappear.

  9. Katharine - And where will "the others" disappear TO? A social service agency that will be agressive in helping them get back on their feet...or just to another neighborhood where they can be "out of sight, out of mind."

    They're NOT going to be put in jail en masse, however much some UU'ers dream of it.

  10. Lassie, since our tax dollars and donations *already* go to provide housing, feed, cloth, give care to, clean up after, and repair damage (both property AND human) for "the others", it isn't our responsibility to wring our hands over where they will go if and when "the others" decide that the corner of Wilson and Broadway is no longer a place where they want to hang out. If you want to let "the others" have a place to vandalize, panhandle, sleep, take care of bodily functions, smoke weed, harass passers-by, and do their deals, then you're welcome to invite them to do that in your home. This is no different than any other locale--they either take responsibility for their own behavior and clean up their acts, or they move on somewhere where people accept their behavior. We can no longer, as a neighborhood, continue to aid and abet unacceptable--sometimes criminal--behavior by apologizing to them. Or are you actually suggesting that we collectively say "Oh, I'm sorry about asking you to stop urinating on my front door...let me get you a Port-a-John out here so you have a better place to urinate..." ?

  11. Bear 60640, funny you should mention port-a-johns. That was suggested by some of Helen's strong supporters in the past.

    Remember those large plastic bicycle covers that used to be on the corner of Wilson and Broadway several years ago? The prostitutes loved them for their quickies and so did the drug dealers.

  12. And I thought things seemed to be improving somewhat in the area...that is, until last weekend:

    1) I accidentally left my bookbag at the McDonald's, where two DVDs were stolen from it by the time I went back to recover it 40 minutes later. I had to laugh at the notion of whatever bum took it enjoying the British comedy "My Beautiful Laundrette" and David Cronenberg's early '80s sci-fi film "Videodrome." Both were from the CPL, so I now have to file a police report.

    2) Noted several men and women drinking Icehouse in front of Subway in the middle of the day.

    3) Some crazy woman ranting to herself Sunday morning at the 36 bus stop near Jewel. Had to laugh when I noted that several condo owners were trying to enjoy the nice weather on their balconies yet had to witness this woman's incoherent shouting.

    Btw, the broken glass may be new, but I've seen beer cans inside Popeye's a few weeks ago.

  13. They should board up those windows.CTAs luck ,these people will cut theirself crawling thru the windows-sue CTA and they would probaly win.So many easy things should be done to prevent this stuff and no one does it.