Friday, August 13, 2010

Uptown In The News

Some stories that we already posted are receiving additional coverage in the news (which we love to see and share!):

Deb O'Malley from The Examiner interviews Lisa Nigro regarding her recent win of the 2010 Citizens Medal and The Inspiration Corporation, including some great reader submitted questions. Congratulations to Lisa!

Chris Jones from the Tribune's Theater Loop covers the groundbreaking for the new BET Theater, as well as some other theaters that are being "reused and recycled." I know we're all looking forward to the new theater!


  1. jason - does that mean you are staying and not selling?

  2. UD,

    Of course I am staying. I am just sick of the City borrowing money and doling it out at election time. (Not the City, politicians.)

    Can't really escape it anyway, it is everywhere.

    As far as Lisa I wish I could do something like that!

  3. Jason. You can do it. Find the thing you’re willing to fight for, the thing that’s so important to you that no matter what people say about you or your idea, you won’t be deterred. When Lisa started IC, she faced a lot of resistance. People were fast with criticism, slow to support. But she stayed the course, remained true to her mission, and held onto her belief in people. Lisa deserves this acknowledgment and many, many others.

  4. Speaking of local theater groups...anyone have the inside skinny about Pegasus, whose residence for 25 years has been the Truman College theater?