Sunday, August 1, 2010

Security Threat On Argyle?

We've gotten several reports of lots of police activity on Argyle between Kenmore and Sheridan. A reader on our Facebook page mentions:
"News Flash: bomb threat evacuates buildings on Argyle between Sheridan and Kenmore. Just the word from people on the street. No other info."

From another reader:

"Supposedly a white building on the SE corner of Argyle and Kenmore. Supposedly a bunch of guns found inside?"

Please add any updates in the comments or on our Facebook page.


  1. If the second reader is correct, then this would be the building they're speaking of.

  2. a police officer i spoke to at Elmdale and Broadway a little while ago told me it was a grenade....

    i spoke to her just after the bomb squad blew up what seemed to be an actual bomb in front of the Armory... Broadway was closed off from Adrmore to Elmdale from about 9:30pm until... at least now - i think it's still closed.

  3. Why is the Uptown Update the only place I can find info on this?

    Sounds like a major event!

  4. Related even from today?