Sunday, August 1, 2010

Free Tiramisu All Day At "The Cousins"

A reader writes in with the following photo:
"I was sad to see "Fame da Lupo" go, but I am glad to see a new restaurant replacing it. I got a flyer on my front door today that announces the opening of "The Cousins" restaurant in the same spot (on Leland just east of Clark). The flyer mentions they will be having their grand opening on Monday, August 2 at 7am and they will be giving out free tiramisu all day Monday! Looks like they are expanding their menu and will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and will be open till 11pm. Hope your readers will check it out tomorrow!"


  1. i'll have to remember to stop in tomorrow!

  2. Free Tiramisu eh? One can usually judge the quality of a restaurant by the quality of their tiramisu. A bold move by the owners to give it away free on their first day of operation, but I respect that.

  3. Had breakfast there today. This place is a winner. For anyone in Sheridan Park who has been longing for a good breakfast diner in walking distance - this is it.

    Food quality was excellent, the place was clean (yes, it is new), the staff were very friendly. Give it a try - our neighborhood will benefit if this place makes it.

  4. Talk about "misleading advertising!" I went to the restaurant around 6:00 pm, expecting to see the usual "sample girls" toting trays with bite-size pieces of tiramisu, offering no-cost no-obligation enticements to passers-by.

    I planned to take one such sample, then to be a "good neighbor" and all, buy a small item from the restaurant to-go. Eating dinner at the place was not an option yesterday evening.

    Here's what REALLY went down...

    I entered the sparsely-populated space, asked the waitress about the "special," and got a blank stare for a couple seconds before she exclaimed "Oh, you mean the free tiramisu! We're giving free samples to our dine-in people today."

    Dine-in only. No carryouts. No retail sales-to-go. And no "sample girls/guys" to attract walk-by traffic.

    And then they'll wonder why on earth they can't scare up enough local business to keep the joint alive...