Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daley, Don't Forget About Uptown

A reader writes in with the following suggestion:
"Mayor Daley just came out with some new initiatives to combat crime. To make sure he doesn't forget about Uptown, I think now it a great opportunity for Uptown residents to flood his e-mail in box and the phones with demands, requests, suggestions for more funding and stronger police presence in Uptown, given the mayor's new initiatives on crime."

We encourage our readers to send emails and contact Daley's office (312-744-3300) to make sure Uptown gets stronger police presence and more funding. It's worth a try. Click here to fill out an online form.


  1. Better yet, sign up for his opponents' campaigns.

  2. I have been writing by the use of this form for years for various things and not once have I ever got a responce. I was told by a City Hall worker, I know, no one ever reads these forms. The only way to get a complaint across is to go in person and speak to a live person at City Hall and even then good luck.

  3. WISEGUY remember

    It's "The City That Works"

  4. Daley quote from the Trib;

    "Daley also laid out a template for what Chicago needs to do to remain economically competitive. He talked about transforming Chicago's economy in part through "Chicago Growth Accelerator," a privately funded job training and business incentive program he announced to bring technology companies to the city. In a comparison he brings up often, Daley urged Chicagoans to think like China, "20 or 25 years down the road in planning their economy."

    It needs to be easier for businesses to get permits and licenses in Chicago, Daley said.

    "Government should not stand in the way of business growth," he said."

    Sorry folks, he forgot about Uptown a long time ago. I seiously think when he comes up here he thinks he is in Andersonville, as that is where our lame duck Ald lives.

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