Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chicagoist Talks To Michael Carroll

From Chicagoist:

"When Helen Schiller [sic] announced that she wouldn't be seeking another term as the 46th Ward's alderman, after the cheering died down from the Uptown Update offices, the question was: Who's next? The field is beginning to clear somewhat, with a handful of candidates tossing their hats into the ring, and Michael Carroll's hat has been among them for months."

(Offices? We have offices?)

Click here to hear the first part of the podcast/interview with Michael; Part 2 is tomorrow.

Update:  Part 2 is up:  Click here.


  1. Damn it guys. I am tired of showing up here and finding out that whoever drank the last of the coffee didn't make coffee. And why is the copier broken again? JEEZ!!!

  2. Somewhere "The Moosh is loose" is very happy.

    Her candidate is garnering some good publicity.

  3. I hope they choose to interview all the candidates, including Don Nowotny, Molly Phelan and James Capplemman in the interest of fairness

  4. The more I research this guy the more I like about him. Carroll/Phelan/Cappleman, decisions, decisions, decisions....God willing it will be one of these candidates. Hmm, just not the clearcut easy breezy decision it use to be.

  5. CubMan, if you read the article, it gives contact information for any other candidate who wants to reach out and be interviewed.

  6. okay...sorry...what the hell is this guy talking about? I'm confused on why he thinks he's qualified to run and be alderman. He's a cop. Got it. I dont' think every cop should be alderman. He lives in the ward. So do I. Don't think I should be alderman.

    I heard the guy talk before and he seems nice but I'm sorry the guy has no clue what he's getting into here and what we need. I dont' just want a cop. but someone who can clean up city hall and work with elected officials and has a vision for uptown.

    they will all be our voice. stop saying it! getting annoyed here carroll. tell me something i don't already know about you.

  7. Being a full time police officer on the targeted responce unit and serving as a caps facilitator as well as many other areas he spends almost all his time, I wonder where would his job as a full time Alderman fit into his schedule. I want a full time Alderman to solve our many 46 ward problems not someone with too many other jobs and interests that would always distract him from the duties he was voted into office for.

  8. I'm sure Carroll would leave the Police Department if he gets elected.

    I believe there is a state law that prohibits active cops from holding office in a municipality if they are also police in that municipality.

  9. Jane,

    So quick to judge! Mike was answering the questions asked of him, like "why choose to run against Shiller last Fall?" I though the question answered well. Its a conversation not a campaign piece! Sheesh!

    And Wise Guy, Mike will have to leave the police department when he's elected. You can't be a cop and an alderman at the same time. No part time cops in Chicago.

  10. I think he will be an advocate for the police, not necessary the ward. Just sayin....

  11. If elected Carroll will be an advocate for both the ward and himself.

    That's like saying that Cappleman will only be an advocate for social workers if elected or Phelan for attorneys.

    I don't intend to vote for Carroll, but that is not a legitimate point or criticism.......just sayin....

  12. IP,

    Totally bad analogy.

    You don't understand "cop politics".

    Still love ya though....

  13. I'm not quick to judge. I've talked to Michael, Molly, James and Don. Michael has no plan. Just thoughts. no vision, just ideas.

    he has no idea what the ward actually needs and how to get it done. I think he has a future in politics, but I don't think becoming alderman of the 46th ward should be his starting off point.

    Just saying

  14. Jane,

    You must have spoken to a different Michael Carroll. I spoke to him at length at the windy city rib fest and after the CAPS meeting at Truman College two weeks ago and he's all ideas, with concrete steps to get them done. He has continually spoken about job development, improving 46th infrastructure, and bringing new businesses to Uptown. I'd call that a vision.

    Your blind support of whoever else you're pushing is misguided. They're more talk than you're letting on. Let's stop with the stories, please.

  15. The Wilson, Broadway, and Sheridan corridors, with their numerous empty and run-down buildings are the ideal places to develop new businesses. This will allow local people to walk to work and be a part of their own local community and economy...... I will work to make that a reality. Michael Carroll

    TB46, I think Jane has a point. Read the above. They're Michael's own words on his website.

  16. Here is part deux of the Carroll interview.

    Listening to this gave me a headache. His speaking style, at least in this interview, is stilted. It reminds me of "Da Mare".

    Perhaps he was nervous.

  17. I guess I will never understand.

    You quoted Carroll on his website saying, "The Wilson, Broadway, and Sheridan corridors, with their numerous empty and run-down buildings are the ideal places to develop new businesses. This will allow local people to walk to work and be a part of their own local community and economy...... I will work to make that a reality."

    Please tell me how that is a bad statement. Conversely, tell me how anyone else has said anything similar (or more "vision" oriented) because I just have not heard it from any of them. I am currently supporting Carroll because he sees where things need to be addressed, has good ideas, and knows how to fix problems that face our community. Hell, he's been fixing things for years with Peace Corps, volunteering, community service, and his work as a police officer. So tell me how a self described public servant and his plans to fix our Ward are bad. Go ahead... get my vote. I'm ready to be won over.

    And IP... I agree with your stilted assessment of Carroll's interview, but chalk that up to not being a politician. We've got six months to get to know him. He loves this neighborhood and our city and we should look at that instead of a few bits of stammering

  18. TB46
    You're saying that Carroll working hard to bring in retail is a good idea for bringing in retail? Really?

  19. Jane

    Are we to assume you know what the ward needs and how to get it done??? Cuz...

    ~Jane for 46th Ward Alderman~

    Just sayin!

    Anyway I know who it's not going to be so I can actually celebrate right this minute, Cheers everyone !

  20. The reality with Carroll is that he is probably very pro-union. Unions are bankrupting the City, (and the country) and are basically engaging in terrorist tactics. Union money is SERIOUSLY dirty. Anybody that takes union money is NOT interested in economic development. Unions are a cult way worse than JPUSA ever hopes to be. If Carroll takes a pledge not to take union money, he would have a lot more credibility.

    Just sayin...'

  21. How are the unions bankrupting the city? Examples please.

  22. If either Don or Michael get elected, they get 2 city pensions. Pretty nice, huh? Better yet, unlike most of us, cops are eligible for retirement at 55. Sweet. Then they start their next job and collect 2 paychecks.

    No matter though, because we tax payers are paying for the double dipping.

  23. holey moley - Don will, Carroll will not. He'll have to leave the police when he wins and will not be vested, so he'll have to remove all of his contributions and reinvest them elsewhere.

    Here's a thought... why not only allow one pension per government entity, i.e. city, county, state, etc... sounds like a money saver to me.

    and easy on union workers. my pop was a hard working union laborer for three decades!

  24. No, Carroll could claim 2 pensions, just as Ron Huberman tried to do, but later backed out when he was getting too much heat for it.


    Love your idea about one pension, but the Fraternal Order of Police would never go for it.

    BTW, any comment about Carroll's sure fire plan of getting more retail in the ward by working real hard to get more retail? I have to chuckle over that one.

  25. Carroll would NOT qualify for a police pension if he wins. Hasn't been a cop nearly long enough.

    There are plenty of reasons to support him or someone else and plenty of room to criticize anyone, but saying Carroll will get two pensions just ain't right.

    It's not a factual statement.

    There are two keys to getting more retail in this ward.

    First, reduce crime. Hardheaded property management and aldermanic pressure will likely drop the number of gangbangers living in Uptown greatly. Fewer bangers = less crime. The problems we are experiencing are mostly tied to a few buildings and a few units in those buildings.

    Second, and this is irrelevant for the near future, denser development where appropriate. In the right economic situation the Maryville property would be an ideal location for highrise condos.

    We can't allow immediate neighbors to try to limit the height and size to something you would see on a side street.

    Third, wait.....didn't I say two things, either rebuild the Wilson El stop or close it and build one at Montrose on the vacant strip to the west of the tracks.

    Fourth, don't elect Nowatny. Sixteen years as Ward Superintendent doesn't make me think he's the most independent thinker around.