Thursday, August 5, 2010

CAPS Meetings News

There've been some changes to regularly scheduled CAPS meetings this month.  If you don't know what beat you live in, check here.  All CAPS meetings are listed in our events calendar to the right, and on the websites of the Police Districts in which they occur.
  • Beat 2311 (the area bordered by Montrose, Lawrence, Clark & Broadway) usually meets the first Tuesday of the month.  Due to National Night Out, it will meet on the second Tuesday, August 10th at Truman College.  The usual meeting place is Room 1907; however, it may be changed if a bigger crowd is expected.  Check here, or at the Truman security desk the night of the meeting.
  • Beat 2312 (the area bordered by Broadway, the lake, Wilson and Lawrence) will meet at the Aster playlot (4639 N. Kenmore) this month only, at 7pm.  August 17th.
  • Beat 2313 (the area bordered by Montrose, Wilson, Broadway and the lake) will meet at its usual time and place (the second Wednesday of the month, Clarendon Park fieldhouse, 7pm).  It's the day after Beat 2311's meeting, not the usual week later.  August 11th.
  • While it's not strictly Uptown, it's on our borders and what goes on here affects them - and vice versa.  Beat 1922's (Lawrence, Clark, Berteau, Damen) meetings take place every other month on the second Wednesday.  See the flyer below (click to enlarge). August 11.


  1. Thanks for posting the Beat 1922 info. Your neighbors to the west appreciate it.

    Also a quick hello to all the nice folks I met at the positive loitering event at Wilson and Magnolia a few nights ago.

  2. Thanks for coming out Tuesday night. I agree, it was a great evening!