Monday, August 2, 2010

Ald. Shiller Will Not Run For Re-Election

Well, at least she's consistent. In keeping with her long-standing tradition of avoiding direct communication with the residents of the 46th Ward, Ald. Shiller used her friend and booster, Laura Washington of the Sun-Times, to break the news:

"An alderman no more. After a long guessing game among enemies and allies alike, Helen Shiller is hanging it up. Shiller, who has represented Uptown's 46th Ward since 1987, tells me she will not run for re-election." Read the entire article here.

It's the end of an era in Uptown, one that started before Richard M. Daley became mayor. Let the [guessing] games begin!

Update: Readers are discussing getting together tonight for a drink. Check out the comments. Our vote is Driftwood, which never donated money to any aldermanic shakedowns (well, that we know about).

Update 2: More media weighs in: Chicagoist. CBS2. NBC5.

Update 3: Anyone who wants to react to the news, by partying hearty OR by crying in your beer, c'mon over to Driftwood (Montrose just west of Broadway) at 7pm tonight. Not UU-organized, but an unofficial reaction suggested by readers.

Update 4: CBS2 has interviewed at least one resident for a story on the 5pm and 10pm newscasts. NBC5 may also be doing a reaction story this evening.

Update 5: James Cappleman has issued a press release in reaction to Ald. Shiller's announcement. Don Nowotny sent out an email blast, but it's non-linkable (now quoted in its entirety in the comments).  Molly Phelan has weighed in.


  1. I feel singing the wicked witch is dead. Im a bit afraid of meeting the grand wizard of uptown however. Hell, ill just live in the momment. Should I send my Thank you cards to her Carmen address

  2. This article is ridiculous. Apparently, Helen has not walked around her ward much. It would appear that she must avoid her office all together to make such statements about the community, let alone the street where her office sits. She is so afraid of this community. Perhaps we did not understand Helen. She kept those unfortunate around not only for votes, but to lift her own self esteem. Great! Know maybe she can take Uncle Bucks quarter (movie reference)

  3. There is still so much to do to clean up after the mess she made. But for today, let everybody who has ever stood against this horrible, horrible woman feel a sense of accomplishment. Because it took a community, from Uptown Update bringing her backroom antics to light, to James C. for challenging her in the last election and showing that you can care about the less fortunate without being venomous and self-serving, to Molly P. for spearheading Fix Wilson Yard and showing her that the community could organize and fight her at all levels, to other elected representatives (Harris and Steans) who went to Springfield to enact Helen's law, to every single person in the ward who ever attended a CAPS meeting, donated money to a good cause, or chased her out of the Olympics meeting. Shiller would never have retired if she thought she didn't have to. And it was the consistent voice of the people that told her she had to go.

  4. I don't want to jinx anything so I will say...

    Thank you for your service Helen and good day.

    Now....yeeeeee fricken haaaaaaaaa!

    Oh just remember you heard it from Chip a while back that August 1rst was the day. I don't mean to blow my own horn, but if I could I would.

  5. We should be dancing in the Uptown streets today!!! Today is THE BEST day it's been here since I moved to the neighborhood over a decade ago!!!

    Thanks Helen for keeping at least ONE of your promises to the community. Too bad you didn't leave when I moved here. Uptown would be a MUCH better place!

  6. Hear, hear usually pc! Well said and chasing her out of the Olympics meeting was one of the best days in recent Uptown history!

    Much like the angry villagers storming the monster's castle in an old Universal horror pic.

    She is the George W. Bush of Chicago's City Council!

  7. Does anyone know what happens to her office staff now? Are we stuck with Denise Davis after the next election or can the new alderman give her the boot.

    The only person in her office that I ever had a pleasant experience with was Michaela (sp?). So, it may not be bad if they keep some of the staff.

  8. Does this mean no fish farm? I think the Pirate will be very upset. I know he was planning on launching a flottila.

  9. Now Wilson, we try to keep things here from getting to nationally political. Some of us might think she's the Barrack Obama of the 46th Ward.

    But that being said

    Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed....

  10. The new Alderman will probably clean house.

  11. True that WindyCityEagle, today is not a day to be a divided community, today is all about joining together and celebrating!

    And for the record, I agree with you on that spectrum as well WCE. I thought about saying that in my comment too.

    Perhaps we should do something to signal a home celebrating her departure. Like go and get balloons and tie them up outside of your house so when people walk by, they know you are relishing the new Uptown era!

  12. FYI....

    "The Cousins"(on Leland just east of Clark). Will be celebrating this glorious day here in Uptown by giving everyone free tiramisu.

    Coincidence??? I THINK NOT!

  13. And where will da mayor fall on 46?

  14. Oh Happy Day!

    Thank you Internet
    Thank you UntownUpdate
    Thank you to all the UU contributors

    I have to believe that the above had 'something' to do with her decision not to run this time.

    Now, if one of the candidates will hire somebody to spend all of their time keeping Section 8 housing owners in line and rid Uptown of the riff raff, then I'll vote for that person .....

  15. I had to rub my eyes since it's hard to believe when you read this first thing out of bed. Thank God!!!

    My only point of sadness: Not being able to see her face on election night when she would have been voted out and been unable to ignore the voice of her ward. Oh well, I'll still gladly take this.

    I am 100% up for some kind of organized celebration. Nicks? Holiday club? Dancing in the streets? Count me in

  16. Down and out.... I saw the news and that is EXACTLY what went through my mind... Ding Dong, the witch is dead!

    There's a LOT of work to be done, and there's a LOT that needs to happen in order to bring Uptown to where it needs to be, but this is a great beginning, a great day!

  17. If you see some guy with tears of joy running down his face, skipping through the streets of will be me.

  18. Now next years election gets real interesting. Some more people with likely throw their hat in. And, without the usual pro-helen v anti-helen divide it is hard to predict how everything will break down. There will definitely be a runoff. And, if Molly is the only woman running, she will definitely be in the runoff.

  19. Anyone who thinks that Don N. running for alderman, and Helen retiring in the same election year is not related, I would like to sell you a Gaia Movement Box for your front yard.

  20. Hey at least she got WY built and completed. Far more than anyone else would do for this neighborhood!!

  21. Well, I was a bit shocked about this - but pleasantly surprised.

    Did she realize she might lose if she ran again or did she figure that she has done so much damage to the neighborhood that it was best to stop before she destroyed it altogether?

    Who knows - and who cares as long as she is gone. I just hope she doesn't try to pull anymore fast ones in the next 6 months.

    Now, it will be interesting to see where she places her support (Don?).

    And, I can't wait to hear how all the candidates plan to clean up Helen's mess.

  22. Will her campaign contributions go to Don Notworthy?



  24. we should organize a celebration for this!

    Any takers???

  25. I'm going to put my money on the following scenario

    1) Helen suddenly has some sort of BS disease that forces her to leave office early.

    2) Helen appoints Brendan as the fill-in Alderman

    3) Brendan runs for re-election

  26. Shiller may not be the only one headed for the door.

    Something about rats and their relationships to sinking ships comes to mind.

    I'm curious if Shiller would have been more willing to fire up the election engine one more time if the state of the city weren't in such piss-poor shape.

    Daley's been driving the city into a financial ditch, and Shiller (et al) have been dutifully sitting in the backseat, quietly accepting whatever candy Rich tosses into the backseat to keep them quiet.

    Now, as the chickens are looking around for a good place to roost, those responsible for enabling horrific fiscal policies are pulling hard on the door handle to escape the crash.

    Yes. Shiller has accomplished a few decent things in her tenure - sure; but, despite Washington's curiously positive spin, the fact remains that Helen's legacy is tied with the state of the city for the next few years.

    (note: despite the recent realizations as to the damage of TIFs, Helen's still towing Daley's line)

    And, I'm afraid that it'll get worse before it gets better.

    At least now, we have a chance.

    We can worry about tomorrow, later.

    Today is a very good day.

    For everyone.

    And, miss kitty's got a point: we need to watch her like a hawk until she's no longer in a position to make things any worse.

  27. I was wondering why there were suddenly 200 munchkins dancing at Wilson and Broadway, and singing "Ding dong, the witch is dead." (Uh, oh, one of them just got shot.)

  28. I have mixed feelings about this.

    Something between joy and pride. Something between a 30 minute full body orgasm coupled with a shaking of my belly from laughing and total consciousness. Really boys and girls itz gonna be a two hooker night here in pirateville. No, I know some of you want to here the number "three", but I don't want to kill myself.

    Everyone who organized against her and got out the word about what is truly happening in the ward deserves praise. That especially includes the people who created and maintain this website. UU is an Uptown treasure and we all know that pirates love treasure.......and booty.

    The Capplemaniac for keeping on the pressure from 2007 and Molly for leading Fix Wilson Yard also deserve some praise.

    The folks who chased her from the meeting and the folks who donated to the plethora of aldermanic candidates also deserve a round of applause.

    Applause sign now on.

    Anyone who put the heat to her in the littlest way contributed to this.

    Personally, I am saddened that I can't open up my can of campaign internet whoopass on her, but being the fully self actualized buccaneer that I am I realize it ain't all about me and my reindeer games.

    Sniff, sniff.

    I am lost and forlorn. Like Ahab without Moby Dick.

    Oh well, I'm not Melville so I guess I will just have to move on. Like Shiller. Move on. Keep on Truckin!

  29. Christmas in August.

    She is like the kid that comes over and breaks all your toys then never comes back.

  30. Today is the greatest day I've ever known.

  31. Interesting. I sent a email to several close friends letting them know that Helen isn't running. I figured they would be happy as they wouldn't have to hear me talk about the woman again. A few of these friends live in Lakeview. Here is a response from one of the Lakeview pals:

    "What about the disenfranchised and voiceless populations that Shiller has supported for years, who's going to represent their interests now???"

    Miss Kitty's response:

    "Within her final term, Shiller has set up even more housing for the disenfranchised and voiceless populations. Actually more housing than the 46th ward can handle. Maybe Tom Tunney, Vi Daley or Gene Schulter could volunteer to build some low income housing in their wards and reduce the strain a bit? I highly doubt, and wouldn't want, a new alderman is going to come in and kick anyone out. In all actuality, we would just like to reduce the crime and get rid of the gangs. We're a bit sick of people getting shot and killed on our streets and not hearing a peep out of our alderman."

    It's so amazing how people outside of Uptown can so freely pass judgement. They think Uptown should take care of every social ill all on its own.

  32. I thought I heard the Munchkins singing

  33. What about the disenfranchised and voiceless populations that Shiller has supported for years, who's going to represent their interests now???

    What? No one else is capable of representing those interests?

    It's not like Shiller had a monopoly on social consciousness.

    Also - keeping things in perspective, while Shiller did represent those interests, she did so while ignoring the interests of others.

    Not just the evil-condo owning "bad apples"; but, anyone who didn't fill the proper profile seemed to get the aldermanic shaft.

    Supplying a voice to the voiceless is laudible. Doing so at the expense of voices you may not agree with is deplorable.

    What we've always needed was someone who could and would listen to everyone.

    And I surely hope we elect that someone.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. I say we have a positive loitering event on wilson and broadway. Just bring a sixer and some sherm.

  36. This is great! I guess it's not such a bad time to move to Uptown, afterall!

  37. Driftwood, which never donated money to any aldermanic shakedowns (well, that we know about).

    I my mind, this settles it.


    And, unlike historic public gatherings, shall we say 7pm instead of 5pm?

  38. Mrs. Campbell -

    It's never a bad time to move to Uptown!

    Welcome to our community.

    I am all for an unofficial gathering tonight.

    Let's pause to celebrate, but we must not rest on our laurels...

    There is SO MUCH work to be done, and much healing that needs to occur.

  39. for old times sake, we should make it at 5pm :-)

  40. Can we start at her office and go from there? Invite the media? Sign an over sized novelty going away card and leave it on her door?

  41. We need to find someone who has a roof deck off the EL on Kenmore.

    Naked debauchery and dance party tonight as the trains go by.

    Half of us can wear little paper Shiller masks and the other half can wear paper Nowotny masks.

    I'll be wearing a strategically placed Fez.

  42. Still no mention or update on her website:

    I haven't seen an e-mail either. It's like - fo reals? You're not even going to attempt to let your residents know or update your website?!?!?!

  43. IP that sounds terrifyingly awesome

  44. All the alderman candidates are speaking at an event tonight. they have to give a 5 min speech I think.

    Here's the info:

    Northside Democracy For America Monthly Meeting
    Monday August 2nd 7pm
    Fizz Bar -- upstairs
    3220 N. Lincoln (2 blocks south of Paulina - Brown Line)
    West Chicago, IL

    No idea if its open to the public. I think its an endorsement session...I dunno...saw it on facebook.

  45. Now with that good news out of the way we can give all our attentions to elect the right person to run our ward and make it safe and healthy. I think also we still need to watch our back as Shiller still has lots of time to keep pulling dirty tricks behind our back until election time finally comes.

  46. I give Uptown Update lots of credit
    for shining an ongoing spotlight in Shiller's beady little eyes. I'm sure this blog had a major effect on her decision. You can't hide from the truth of your own actions. Community blogging For The Win! Bravo, UU! And Uptowners, hurray!!!

  47. i'm excited, but hesitant. i think we need to watch her like a hawk. she has nothing to lose these upcoming months...

  48. I hear a lot of you talking about celebrating - and that's okay for a bit I guess...but we can NOT let our eyes off the ball. This is Chicago politics and you can bet there have been sneaky back room discussions at City Hall about what to do with Uptown. The scenario mentioned earlier about appointing a temp aldermen would not suprise me. Remember, Uptown is the city's dumping ground for the poor, etc. Other aldermen don't want that to change.

    Someone earlier mentioned we should do a "scrub" of Shiller's finances....if you have any shred of proof...I urge you to call the U-S Attorneys Office for the Northern District of Illinois. Trust me--they would be happy to get your call.

    Finally, I can't believe the story in the Sun Times. It's the worst example of journalism I have ever seen. Just the fact that the interview was conducted in a "funky loop cafe." Is there no establishment in Uptown that could have been the spot for this? I'm sure it's because Helen would have been ashamed or openly ridiculed and/or hissed at. Surely, the reporter...aka Helen's lap dog...would have been able to see firsthand that Shiller is not the messiah she claims to be.

    And shame on WGN-TV for calling Shiller "a champion of the people." They must have ripped off the the Sun Times without doing independent reporting. WBBM is the only mainstrain news organization that included the other side of the story -- that Helen Shiller is leaving embattled amid gang violence, open drug dealing, etc.

  49. Not to mention the fact that Shiller selfishly disclosed her intent not to run to a DOWNTOWN paper at a DOWNTOWN coffee shop (as opposed to to LEN at an Uptown joint). Additionally, she completely neglects to mention that someone was murdered less than a week ago. Has she addressed that at all? She still works for us as of right now and I'm still pissed at her.

  50. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good riddance (next year) to the ol' troll.

  51. DRIFTWOOD would like to know how many people to expect tonight. Show of hands?

  52. I"ll be swinging by for one or umpteen!

  53. Maybe not all the blood, but a good amount is on her hands. No one can deny that she has been a factor for the decades of gang violence in Uptown. I really hope one day she finally comes to the realization that she played a factor in the killings of Uptown youth and innocent bystanders by her Urban Planning. Get a clue Shiller, “Broken Window” is proven. Just because it does not fit her agenda, does not mean it does not work. Her actions were and are selfish in nature and anyone who thinks different is part of the blind sheep, Graceland residents, and non- residents who voted for her. This is what you will not read in the chicken S#$T Chicago news publications we are stuck with in this city.

    This was posted and recorded (1 of 1 in August 2010) August 2nd, 2010.

  54. ahhhh...the great beast has finally faltered and fallen! To bad the dust won't be settling any time soon. We would be doing her and us a HUGE disservice if we did not make her an enormous sign or card and displayed it at her office. She should really know how we feel about this news.

    I vote for blanketing Wilson/Broadway with some of IP's artistic images, or having a sit-in right outside her office so we can have a fun little send-off party. Maybe we could get Uptown to resemble the final scenes of Return of the Jedi where scores of diverse peoples and creatures all came together to celebrate the demise of the deathstar.

  55. i may stop by after 8 (+1 and possible +4-legged friend).

  56. While this is great news Uptown residents can't become complacent. Shiller will surely still work to get her own candidate in office (Nowotny?) by the same means she kept getting elected- bussing in the homeless to vote for her. Celebrate now but don't by any means let your guard down. Keep fighting like she is running for office.

  57. This race is Cappleman's to lose. He has cross appeal and support from the lower and upper incomes of the ward which is why he almost won in 07. (Anyone who thinks that the guy won with just condo owners is a moron. The man had to get a high percentage of the longtime residents to get the percentage he did to almost win)

    He and anyone who wins has a lot to do. Unlike what many here say, this area isn't as divided as some say. We all share more values than people think if you look closer. Crime, good schools and just the overall welfare of the neighborhood.

  58. “Don Nowotny send(t) out an email blast, but it's non-linkable.” Maybe he will tape it to his window and keep the tradition of communicating with the pubic via taped pieces of paper to a window. Yeap that’s what we need, another Ald. that is one step up from a typewriter.

    This was posted and recorded (1 of 2 in August 2010) August 2nd, 2010.

  59. I think my condo just appreciated $50,000 in one day.

  60. Perhaps I can now market my condo as being 100% Shiller free?

  61. Here's Don's Press Release:

    Today’s announcement that long-serving 46th Ward Alderman Helen Shiller will not be seeking reelection marks an opportunity for 46th Ward residents to start anew. After nearly a quarter century as Alderman, Shiller has had a career marked by accomplishment and controversy.

    “I have known Alderman Shiller for the 16 years that I served as Ward Superintendent. Though I applaud Shiller’s work on recycling initiatives, her advocacy for an increase in AIDS funding and support of Chicago’s Human Rights Ordinance, and her development of neighborhood parking alternatives, I disagree with her strongly on many other issues—including the deadly serious problem of gangs and drugs in our ward and what many perceive as a lack of accessibility and unwillingness to communicate with residents. The 46th Ward has a tremendous opportunity for a fresh start,” Don Nowotny, 46th Ward Superintendent and candidate for Alderman said. “The people of this Ward want an Alderman who is responsive to their concerns, seeks their input on issues concerning the community and shares their priorities. I am committed to being that kind of Alderman.”

    Can anyone explain to me what he means by " I disagree with her strongly on many other issues—including the deadly serious problem of gangs and drugs..."?

    I'm confused, he worked for her (actually appointed by her) for 16 years and just now he speaks out and disagrees with her on gangs and drugs? And he's flat out saying she supports it? Help me understand Don!

  62. Uh... Hey, Don, Ive been asking you to fill four sink holes on my street for the last two years and now they are bigger than ever. If you can't handle my one tiny little street, then what makes me think you can handle an entire ward?

    Another haven't updated your WARDrobe in 20 years. You can't possibly update the 46th in the time frame we so desparately need.

    Hang up your Hawaiian shirts, dude.

    And so it begins.....

  63. Ultimately, there is no way to respond to her last term of service with anything but outrage. Her lack of communication regarding the MURDERS of her constituents is morally reprehensible for any community leader, much less THE PRIMARY community leader.

    So, thank you Helen:
    --For 1/2 of the good things you claim to have done, and please stop asking for undue credit for the other half.
    --For helping the poor. Sure, I can get behind that. It is unfortunate that your over-agressive stance to social services in the Ward left them with an under-developed neighborhood center, and that much of the money to help them was spent inefficiently, but a little credit is due I suppose.
    --For not running again. (I'll give you a big wet kiss on your mole for that one.)

    Also, I look towards the hilarious upcoming press release that blames everything on everyone else.

  64. I will miss the swinging baseball bat welcome mat.

  65. OMG! That photo is funny as hell!

  66. Isn't it ironic that "Neverending Story" is playing at Cricket Hill at the park tonight?

    Sponsored by Alderman Shiller:

  67. Shiller was worse than the gangbangers, drug dealers and criminals she allowed to prosper and terrorize law abiding citizens in Uptown.

    She is the epitomy of all that is wrong with Chicago politics. She has NEVER responded to the myriad shootings, homicides, and violent crimes that happen within blocks (and sometimes feet) of her office. It is disgusting that the supposed leader of the community remained absolutely SILENT on the murder of an innocent college student (of color, from a different country) on the doorstep of her office. It literally makes me sick to my stomach to think of her vile and reckless approach to public office. Only in Chicago. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  68. I hope all the news outlets doing stories on Shiller's retirement do some real reporting. So far, I've seen and heard some pretty sad stuff...almost like they are reading from a news release put out by Shiller. Wait they probably are. Come to the ward and talk to the people who live here and ask us why Shiller is retiring and what we think of the job she's done. She's not a champion of the people.

  69. Do you suppose with the census and redistricting that comes every 10 years she's afraid her lovely Andersonville home will no longer be in the 46th ward and she might have to move next door to some of her beloved gangs?

  70. Shame on you NBC 5!

    "Uptown isn’t as funky as it used to be -- young white families feel comfortable there these days"

    REALLY? I know a lot of families who do NOT feel comfortable (or safe) in Uptown.


  71. I am sure that Shiller is now headed toward some fancy board, committee or foundation. I don't think that is entirely bad. She has learned a lot about the city in all of the time that she has been alderman. I just hope that she is gracious enough to let Uptown chart a new course.

    So if I may, here's an open letter to Helen Shiller:

    Please, Helen, I ask you to trust in the goodness of people. If you can take a step back for a minute or two why not consider that you and Slim and Dovie and Harold Washington, and the Black Panthers and SNCC and SDS (ETC ETC) really did accomplish something here---and in the country in general. People want to live in diverse communities. They want to connect with their neighbors. They want to be open to others eventhough it is hard. Times have changed and many people in the younger generation don't walk around with the same prejudices you railed against as you were growing up.

    Please, Helen. Bow out gracefully. Go do some good for Chicago. Push Chicago closer towards your ideals if there is an opportunity for you to do so. But, please, stand back and let this community develop a new course. I think you'll be suprised by the outcome. What would happen if the divisiveness went away? You in particular have felt how nasty it can get.

    Please try it, Helen. Encourage your supporters to pursue a strategy of cooperation, love, and belief in the goodness in all people. They will be met with people who are trying to do the same things. I know I will.


  72. I don't think Shiller has done a minute of work in the past six years. Given that she is already retired in place it is only fitting that she retire in actuality. Now, let's see if she gets a sweetheart retirement pension deal like other politicians in this area. Or has that loophole been closed?

  73. Someone might have pointed it out already, but she's being interviewed by Carol Marin on Chicago Tonight/Channel 11, sometime after 7.

  74. Is she going to retire early and appoint a successor to the remainder of her term to give that person incumbant status in the upcoming election?

  75. I'd like to send this out to Helen.

    Reflections of My Life.

    Lyrics to Reflection Of My Life by The Marmalade:

    The changing of sunlight to moonlight
    Reflections of my life, oh, how they fill my eyes
    The greetings of people in trouble
    Reflections of my life, oh, how they fill my eyes

    All my sorrows, sad tomorrows
    Take me back to my own home
    All my cryings (all my cryings), feel I'm dying, dying
    Take me back to my own home (oh I'm going home)

    I'm changing, arranging, I'm changing
    I'm changing everything, ah, everything around me

    The world is a bad place, a bad place
    A terrible place to live, oh, but I don't wanna die

    All my sorrows, sad tomorrows
    Take me back, to my old home
    All my cryings, (all my cryings), feel i'm dying, dying
    Take me back to my old home (i'm going home)

    All my sorrows, sad tomorrows
    Take me back, (take me back) to my old home

  76. This one goes out to all the Shiller fans out dere.

    She's Just My Style.

    <a href="

    (Don't you know that she's)
    Just my style?
    (Everything about her)
    Drives me wild

    (Don't you know that she's)
    Just my style?
    (Everything about her)
    Drives me wild
    (Don't you know that she's)
    Fine so fine?

    Other guys who meet her may not think she's much to see
    I can't begin to tell you what she always does to me
    Maybe it's the clothes she wears or the way she combs her hair
    Oh, that makes me want to tell her that I care

  77. As I search for videos to highlight the glory of Shiller not running again my mind of course turns to "Star Wars". Yub Nub. Which in both Irish Gaelic and Ewokese means


    The original.

    Or an even sillier version.

  78. Well, uptown update?!! Fess up! How long have you imagined that image as Shiller's au revoir? You can't have just put that together this morning.

  79. Na na naa na, Na na naa na, HEY HEY HEY, GOOD BYE!!!

  80. In tonight's 'Chicago Tonight' interview, Helen told Carol Marin her critics were 'reading too many blogs', when Carol brought up the opposition to Wilson Yard.

    She mentioned how she has restored the sewers, street lights, and created all the new retail spaces....and the relocation of 'existing business' when the building went up.

  81. I'm happy for Uptown, but I think the damage is done there. I have moved a mile West to the Ravenswood/Lincoln Square area and couldn't be happier!!! With the Sears Parking Lot project in the works, this is the place to be IMO.

  82. We are just shy of 13,000 page visits as of 8:56pm tonight. We are thankful to those who are reading "too many blogs."

  83. She is just making way for Brendan Shiller to take over and continue the reign of terror.

  84. This crap about Brendan Shiller running is nutz. Ain't gonna happen and if Helen resigned early Daley would NOT appoint Brendan.

    Daley would want someone who would be less controversial as he faces what could be a real reelection fight.

    Now as to Shiller resigning I put the chance of that at 3 outta 10. Then Daley could pick the replacement who would likely wear a ponytail.

  85. I wonder how long it will take for things to improve? Shiller's announcement is exciting...hopefully it will instill a new sense of hope in the area and foster change. Any takers on how long it will take to start seeing major improvements? Is it premature to think that Uptown will be the new "it" place to buy property?

    I was excited about moving Uptown even before this happened (not so happy about all of the gang activity lately, however), but now I am looking forward to joining this community even more. :)

    Thanks UU, for keeping me informed and smiling. Some of these posts have made me LOL for real!

  86. Any takers on how long it will take to start seeing major improvements?

    Two years.


  87. Good riddance! As someone who lived in the 46th Ward for over 5 years and tried to raise a family there and to work with Ald. Shiller to improve the neighborhood, I can definitively say that she had no interest in working with any constituents that did not share her views 100%. She was divisive and dismissive at the same time. Look around every neighboring ward, and you will see wards that are mostly thriving with vibrant retail districts where people want to live, shop and stroll. Those are the ingredients to a vibrant community - not more and more social services and subsidized housing in an area already saturated with it. You want young families, couples and singles. As someone committed to the city and who had moved to a neighboring ward, I can tell you what a huge difference 10 blocks and a functional, responsive alderman make. I have high hopes that the next alderman for this ward can provide a safe, vibrant neighborhood for all residents!

  88. I can't even begin to say something better than the comments already posted - So I Won't. I'm just so happy to be aligned with so many concerned citizens. Onward and Upward!

  89. Well, uptown update?!! Fess up! How long have you imagined that image as Shiller's au revoir? You can't have just put that together this morning.

    Well, one of us who shall remain nameless came up with the idea a week or so ago. We had heard mad rumors that today's events would be happening around August 8th. Imagine our surprise and unreadiness what it all happened this morning instead. So that's when the image got put together, hastily. Glad it made you giggle. [g]

  90. Phelan's site has a statement about Shiller's departure

  91. How was Driftwood? Unfortunately I couldn't make it but I hope it was a good time. How many people showed up/any pics?

  92. Just randomly saw this link almost 2 years later... Made me smile...thought I would remind everyone how happy that day in August 2010 made us..and how far we have come in such a short time.. and as a reminder on how far we have to go to undo all the damage she did to the community..