Thursday, July 8, 2010

Magnolia Malden Neighbors Block Club Clean-Up This Sunday

From MM Neighbors Block Club:
Join your neighbors at 10am on Sunday, July 11 at Wilson and Racine and help clean-up the Fire Station community garden. Cleaning supplies will be provided, but bring your own tools and gardening gloves.


  1. I'm on shift at a different fire house Sunday but would like to thank everyone who is planning to come ahead of time. As a CFD member thank you, as a neighbor thank you. You make our neighborhood what it is. This garden has looked better and better every year. Eng. 83/ Ambulance 31/ Truck 22 guys work their butts off keeping us safe. I know they'll appreciate your hard work. You guys rock. Same goes for the care takers of sunnyside mall.

  2. UP, that is wonderfully put!
    It's a great 'oasis' in the madness of Uptown.

    Also, living just south of the Sunnyside Mall, I appreciate how great it looks considering it is often a 'showdown' area for the local thugs.

    I think random acts of beauty, can help squelch the idiocy of the criminal low-lifes.

  3. Kudos go out to Captain Matt Dowdall who worked diligently to make this a welcoming place. He spent many hours digging out weeds, chunks of concrete and planting what we could scrounge from plant swaps, Greencorp and neighborhood gardeners. He also spent an entire weekend digging up and resetting the memorial stone to the former firehouse dog.

    Several years ago the UCC honored his efforts with the “Good Neighbor Award” for his work with the community. Well deserved and it should apply to all the firefighters who work so hard to keep us safe and sound.

    My clippers and loppers are sharpened and ready to go on Sunday!

  4. btw........Matt and I planted a lot of the original garden including the azaleas that are in the background. We were astonished one day to see that someone actually dug up and removed one of the ornamental hostas.

  5. This event was great. We had a good turnout and made some serious progress on the firehouse garden as well as picking up trash on Racine and Magnolia. It's always a pleasure meeting and talking with new neighbors. Hopefully this event becomes more regular and more popular, talk to and invite your neighbors people! Kudos to the two Alderman candidates who showed up as well.