Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Hour Specials At Blue Ocean

Too hot to cook? Need some decompression time to segue out of the workday? Blue Ocean Sushi (Leland and Clark) now has Happy Hour specials, as well as daily food specials. Check out its website for details (use the pink slider bar in the middle of the screen to see everything).  Oh, and if you're reading this at work, you may want to know that the website plays some very cool, and inappropriately loud, jazz music during your visit.


  1. I was under the impression that variable drink prices throughout any given day in Illinois was illegal? What say you?

    I noticed a lot of sushi specials, but also noticed they have $1.50 Sake from 5-7pm. Wouldn't they have to run this special all day under Illinois ordinance?

    Someone may want to pass that along to BO if they are indeed guilty of this. I would but my computer is broken....

  2. Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip ...,

    I'm all for law and order, but we're talking about awesome $4 maki and $6 sake sangria, are we not?

    Have you gone and lost your da*ned mind, sir?

  3. Chip is all for a good deal. Just follow the laws. Some of use like to start drinking at NOON! Why should I have to wait until 5 to get my Irish Pirate on? SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

    I like to "rent" sushi for a few hours before I give it back to the porcelain God.