Monday, June 14, 2010

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Sometimes we get mail about events happening on Ridge, or Addison, or Damen, and we wonder, don't people know where Uptown is?  Then we remembered that, until we got involved with this blog, Uptown's borders were fuzzy to us, especially in the parts we didn't visit frequently.  So a little crash course:

Uptown sprawls over parts of three wards (46, 47 and 48) and two police districts (20 and 23 19 - Lawrence is the police district dividing line).  Uptown's southern border is Irving Park, and the northern one is Foster.  Officially, the city considers everything between Montrose and Foster, all the way to Ravenswood, to be part of Uptown, but we - and the people living there - consider that part of town to be Ravenswood.  For the purposes of this blog, the western border is Clark.

Occasionally, we cover places or events outside Uptown's borders.  But we try to stay within Uptown as much as possible.  (It's a happening kind of place.  Sometimes a little too happening, but hey...)

You can click on the map for a larger version. Enjoy the crazy gerrymandered borders between 48 and 46.  Seems appropriate that the park forms a big question mark just to the east.


  1. living on the uptown (buena) / lakeview border is there a blog similar to uptown update for news to the south? dont worry i wont visit here any less :D

    i do check out BPN from time to time.

  2. There is a very accurate map of Uptown (and more detailed) on this page:

    Click it for a blow up.