Monday, June 14, 2010

More About Uptown Independence Day Festivities

Some additional information from Mary Ann Smith's monthly newsletter:

"This year, Chicago's July 4th Fireworks will take place in three locations including on the lakefront between Lawrence and Foster. While this will give our community an unprecedented view of the display, it also will mean unprecedented traffic. The 15 minute display will begin at 9:00 p.m., with accompanying music broadcast by The Mix, 101.9.

"To ensure everyone's safety and access to the lakefront, the City has been planning for traffic and crowd control for several months.  Margate Park field house will be command central, and the police and fire departments will closely monitor both pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow. 20th District Commander Lucy Moy-Bartosik recommends that people walk to the park if at all possible.

"The CTA will be increasing public transit into our area. While street closings have not been defined, the police anticipate that, at some point, it will be so crowded neaer the park that some streets will have to be closed to motor vehicles. There will be no parking on the east side of Marine Drive between Lawrence and Foster.  Everyone is encouraged to have an ID with their current address on it, especially if they want to access their off- street parking in the area.  We will update you in the next newsletter if there are any changes to these plans."

1 comment:

  1. All this for only 15 MINUTES of actual fireworks??? Good grief, towns with smaller budgets/populations of Chicago manage to do at least a half-hour!

    Go to the suburbs, people!