Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wall-To-Wall Water

Lakeside and Clarendon flooding!  It's not just for Winter anymore.  Check out the entirely flooded street.  Our reader says:  "Seriously. 3+ years? And, the city was doing work on this intersection not two weeks ago.  Let's not forget that there's a TIF for this. cough"  Perhaps next time Ald. Shiller mentions that she's completely reenergized Uptown's infrastructure, one of our readers who work in her office should remember to show her this.


  1. Maybe the Ward's Street and Sanitation Superintendant should be working on this instead of working at his election campaign by friending people in the neighborhood he has never met at 2:45. Which I am guessing is in the middle of the cities work day and on the taxpayers dime.

  2. I see Don's campaign adding Facebook friends at all hours of day and night. I'm fairly sure it's Don's campaign people doing it, not Don personally. Maybe I'm just naive, but I don't see him as a scammer.

  3. So this is what Sun Times Columnist and fellow Harold Washington Party member, Laura Washington, meant when she wrote that her buddy, Shiller's, ward was "shining"?

    Perhaps she intended to write, "reflecting".

  4. Well, that reminds me.

    This location is the former site of the Helen Shiller and Don Nowatny fly-dumping operation.