Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Sucks

Our reader who lives on the shores of Lake Lakeside points out a bit of progress this morning:

"They're sucking up the water, not repairing anything. Typical: treating symptoms, not the disease."


  1. I think that's a Vactor truck, which the city uses to clear out clogged sewer lines. I could be wrong though.

    We had a sewer collapse behind our house, and it took months to get the city to fix it.

  2. That must have been around 11:00. I saw the truck drive past and guessed that it might be going to Lakeside.

    I think the problem is not that the sewers are clogged, but that they did not put one in when Weiss / Walgreens built their new building at that site.

  3. A similar procedure was done on Montrose at about the same time today.

  4. It is the Weiss/Walgreen new additions. Just like all the small units that have been knocked down and replaced with a multi-unit condo. The new added water flows that enter the old sewer that handled the old building will not handle the new additional new water flows. You see every unit built, 1 or 2 years later, they are rebuilding the sewers in the street where they where built. It does not make much sense but why don`t they make the old sewer systems new when they first built the new buildings instead of waiting for the streets to flood.

  5. Also, Johnathan,

    Yes, you are correct. It pumps out sand and debris.

  6. Wise guy!

    Who is "they" please educate us all.

  7. I spoke with the men working on this issue about 3 weeks ago and they stated the "big wig" was there to solve the problem. They claimed to not know about it until that time (3 weeks ago). I have lived here for almost 3 years and it has been a constant flood. Apparently they did not fix the problem. Please continue to complain about the flood and maybe the city will get sick of the calls and actually fix it!

  8. I wandered by, this morning.

    There is a section of the asphalt which looks to have been scored; possibly prep work to get beneath the surface and possibly at the root of the problem.

    Dunno. Just what I saw.

    But, the fact that this has been an (unknown?) issue for several years is telling about those responsible for maintaining the infrastructure.