Saturday, June 12, 2010

Psst! Got $4 Million To Invest?

Have we got a deal for you!  Submit your RFP to buy the Town Hall Police Station and turn it into senior housing.  Just $4,130,000 for more than 26,000sf, and landmarked too.  Check out the specs here.  (It's slightly out of our territory, but who can put a boundary on an entrepreneurial opportunity?)

We wonder just how many cops can be put back on the City's payroll for Four Large?


  1. Senior Housing? Really? In Boystown? I think I am sending this link to the gay retirement communities in the west. They need to jump on this.

  2. Oneida Pape, Department of Community Planning, comes to this project with vast experience in senior housing. She was the planner assigned to the Wilson Yard movie theater, business incubator, historic preservation, small business incubator....

    Nah..... scratch all that, low income senior housing.

  3. as long as its not another bank branch. and hey, senior housing is one thing that won't increase parking problems! glad to find out that they will keeping the building standing, or at least the classic facade.