Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lake Lakeside: Dirt and Concrete and Wood, Oh My!

Looks like the city is pulling the plug on Lake Lakeside... and that's a good thing.


  1. I know I'm kinda out of it - Is it an election year?

  2. Next to the picture for this article it says 256 days until the next election.

  3. OMG. We do not work for Alderman. Shiller has nothing to do with this. Just trying to get get it fixed.

    The underground was built in 1900.

  4. So, Magic, Just trying to get it straight.

    If an alderman calls something in, it's just like someone else calling in a city repair request?

    If Shiller claims responsibility for Uptown's infrastructure, that's a lie? She has nothing to do with street and sewer repairs being done? Or do aldermanic requests get things done faster than if I were to call it in?

    Not challenging you, just wondering how things work in Chicago.