Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Impressive Entertainment At Ribfest, Volunteers Needed

Keep the weekend of July 16, 17 and 18 free on your calendars. There are some great live bands lined up to perform at the first annual Windy City Ribfest Uptown (on Broadway between Leland & Lawrence). Volunteers are still needed to work the booths, gate and beer tent. Email Christie Hahn at Uptown Business Partners for more details (christie@uptownbusinesspartners.com) Let's make this a successful and fun street fest for everyone!


5:45pm - Stellar Road
8:00pm - Tonic

12:15pm - Model Stranger
2:00pm - Canasta
3:30pm - Jon Drake & The Shakes
5:00pm - The Lifeline
6:30pm - Dick Holliday & the Bamboo Gang
8:30pm - Sister Hazel

12:30pm - Radio Live
2:45pm - Catfight
5:00pm - 7th Heaven
7:15pm - Cornmeal


  1. Fantastic! With this lineup, I'll have to visit everyday!

  2. i have the opposite reaction to Sister Hazel as MCG does, but i'm still very excited about this festival in our neighborhood!

  3. All brought to you by...
    Business Partners; the Chamber for Uptown!

  4. Is this the first thing that the chamber has done? Just curious.

  5. The business partners the chamber for uptown. Are these not the same guys, like the tattoo factory guy who donates plenty of money to our esteemed alder creature, and of course the lovely Jay Bomberg slumlord extroidinaire ?

  6. A business owner will do what a business owner needs to do to stay in business. Don't blame the business owner but blame the system that perpetuates the need for business owners to pay up to avoid hassles that come with maintaining a business in the ward.

    Once the wicked witch has melted, expect the flying monkeys to celebrate too. I think I want a flying monkey tattoo now.

  7. I am incredibly excited to see that Cornmeal is headlining on Sunday! They are a jam/bluegrass band I have been going to see for over eights years at various venues and festivals in Chicago. Be sure to check them out - they are amazing.

  8. Ok, I just had to look up Sister Hazel online...I always thought that was Blues Traveler...hmm, who knew?