Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Nice Night -- More Gunshots Ring Out

We're sick of this. Sick. Of. It. The only way we can look at this summer's violence is that we have a chance to make a difference at the polls next February and vote for someone who doesn't pretend that a war isn't erupting on our streets. Someone who says: "Crime is my issue." Someone who gives a damn. Because we're sick of the violence, sick of lovely evenings being ruined by a hail of bullets, sick of living in a shooting gallery, and we want someone who will do something about it.

From the mailbox and various correspondents:

5:09pm: "Tons of shots on Malden! At least 7."

5:23pm: "Happened about 15 minutes ago. Multiple shots from a black SUV."

5:31pm: "5:08 p.m. today 5-6 shots fired at 4425 N. Malden. Black Escalade involved. People in the courtyard of the building might have been exchanging fire with the Escalade. I called the police and they were seen 7 or so minutes later driving down the Sunnyside mall and later east down Montrose. A resident from the block got the license plate."

5:33pm: "Gunshots at 4400 block of Malden @ 5pm. 7-10 loud pops. Black Escalade Plate # X61-7192 with right rear window shot out seen fleeing the scene with female driving and three black males riding along. One black male, with half dreads wearing all white ran in to the Escalade and jumped in when it was caught at the Malden/ Sunnyside cul-de-sac."

5:43pm: "A little after 5:00pm I'm pretty sure I heard 5-8 shots rip off in the vicinity of the Malden cul-de-sacs and pedestrian walkway at Sunnyside. I ran out to the front of my condo to carefully peek out, but couldn't see much due to the heavy tree leaves. But I could hear yelling going on. After a few seconds, a large black SUV with shiny chrome wheels went tearing down Malden toward Montrose. I hesitated to call 911 because I wasn't certain what I heard and I've never had to call 911 before. A few minutes later, I saw a police car drive up through the pedestrian walkway."

Thank you to everyone who called 911 and talked to the police and sent in reports. Please put any further information in the comments.


  1. I live in this neighborhood, and echo the statements. This was scary, with no regard for public safety. There were kids, and people out walking their dogs. I had a few young boys come up to me so frightened I had to help calm them down. Someone could of really been hurt in this gunfire exchange.

  2. I wish I had a way to embed the Alderman Election Countdown Clock on my desk top. It can't come soon enough.

  3. Now this is just plain shocking. In Uptown????

  4. Hi, everyone. Timmy from the Avondale and Logan Square Crime Blotter here. I just wanted to forward this information to all of you. At 7:35, a call for 4400 N Malden came out about a person wanted for a shooting earlier week at the location. The description is male Black, white tanktop and short dredlocks.

  5. Another scary event. Anyone hear any additonal updates? Seems like they should be caught based on the plate ID....unless it was stolen...

  6. I'm hearing that NO police showed up? Is that true??

  7. I made a follow up call to 911 around 6:30 and they told me that the police were still looking. Why can't the police raid that building in the middle of the night. Screw warrants. I think this shooting warrants it.

    I stepped on a shell casing on the way to my car.

    This is a very pleasant part of Uptown normally.

  8. Timmy, thanks for the update. I really appreciate you keeping tabs on the police radio band.

  9. No problem, Freddie. It sounds like you guys in Uptown are having a rough time with violence, and I support whatever you guys do to combat it.

  10. Anyone know more about this?:

    Action Group Fights Violence In Uptown
    The Black Star Project Hosts First North Side Meeting

    It was reported June 15th on CBS

  11. Im upset about it but short of going Rambo on the gangs, we need to get rid of the targets and the places they live. The building being targeted is a CHA building controlled by the P Stones.

  12. Summer in Chicago has always brought out an uptick in violence. Having lived in Uptown for years, I know it's been in about the last five years that Uptown has worried more about gun violence. In some ways, Uptown had been very blessed--we were inner city, but inner city lite. In other words, hearing about drive-bys, shoot outs and streets fights were not the norm here, despite how run down Uptown may have looked. Uptown, as gritty and grimey as it could often appear, felt reasonably safe--at least from bullets. We used to look forward to summer in Uptown. Now, like a lot of inner city communities, summer comes with a greater sense of foreboding. What I want to know is what has caused that change. How much of that is Shiller, and how much of that is connected to something bigger happening in the city, is what I'd like to untangle.

  13. For at least the first 40 minutes not a single cop car showed up to investigate the scene. No evidence, no knocking on doors to see if someone was shot. Nothing.

    I saw only one cop car on Sunnyside.

    I gave kudo's yesterday for the TACT team that brought down the Drug Buyer in the same area, but today they missed the beat. Terrible.

    I personally am going to contact Commander Kathy Boehmer at the 23rd and voice my displeasure.

  14. I encourage a phone call to Woodlawn Community Development about their problem tenants. I called my building owner when there were problem tenants.

    (773) 769-1555‎

  15. Gee, I live about 50 feet south of this latest summer event.

    Is it totally, politically incorrect to wish these sick bastards would fight their battles about 2 miles east? (at the bottom of Lake Michigan, thank you)

    There are so many wonderful Moms, kids, people on bikes (rightfully) enjoying the summer on Malden.....that I actually cringe seeing these 'normal' citizens on the street, wondering what the heck will happen next.

  16. Regarding police response: I would imagine that the police are running a lean crew today and tomorrow in advance of the Rib Fest and Chase Park activities this weekend. The City doesn't have $$$$ for overtime and they will put on extra officers for these events.

  17. These stories are heartbreaking. I don't live in Illinois anymore, but I have always loved Uptown! Hearing about shootings, drive-bys, and street fighting in that area, makes me angry, sad, and extremely concerned.

    Last year, I spent two months vacationing with friends in Uptown, and I was amazed at the negative changes I witnessed. There were gangs and drug dealers, everywhere! I didn't feel safe, at all!

    You guys stay safe!!!!!!!

  18. 1988: "Shiller asked Lane last week to meet with her after Thomas and as many as 50 supporters set up a "tent city" Oct. 10 at 4425 N. Malden St., to draw attention to the homeless. On that day, the group sawed off the chain on a new black wrought-iron fence and pitched tents on the lot that sits across the street from a row of elegantly renovated three-flats. Nails and pieces of wood discarded by local "gentrifiers" were used to construct the makeshift shelters. When police evicted the squatters, Shiller and four other people were arrested and charged with trespassing."

    2010: "5:08 p.m. today 5-6 shots fired at 4425 N. Malden."

    Gee, thanks, Helen. Uptown is so grateful that you saved us from any more "elegantly renovated three-flats" on Malden.

    Helen, pretend, just for a moment, that you acknowledge that gangs and violence exist here, and that people live in fear of them. Do you recall any "gentrifiers" ever spraying the streets of Uptown with gunfire? Does that ever happen on the beautiful Andersonville street you call home?

  19. Neighbors - Keep up the fight! You have too much investested, and not just money. We choose to live here...

    There has been a lot of chatter on here that things are getting worse. I am not so sure.

    Uptown used to be a S**thole, and now it is a place we call home (sorry to those who have been here a long time) I still contend that the perception is that things are getting worse because we are all more aware (thank you internet). Either way, knowledge is power.

    4425 Malden is a disaster waiting to happen, constantly. About a week ago, police were called to the location several times in one night. Not saying it is related, but should be what Nancy Drew might call a clue.

    By the way, where was the private security tha Woodlawn/CHA hired? Where they moving loiterers along and keeping the peace?

    If you really want to do something about this, make a personal commitment to vote on election day and encourage your neigbors (at least the ones that care) to do the same. Literally, we should call election day "Uptown's Day Off" and start advertising it now.

  20. That black SUV may have been involved in a shots fired incident last week at Clarendon park. Bluestreak, that shell casing should have been reported to the Police. It may very well match up to a weapon used somewhere else. If anyone finds spent shell casings, call 911 and tell the Police where they are. I understand that many are frustrated with the poor response to this one, but in general the 023 Police respond in kind to these incidents. Many Officers were on scene at the shooting on Hazel, and fanned out searching for the dreadlock wearing shooter.

  21. I was out walking around 6 yesterday and didn't realize this happened. If the police were looking for black males wearing extra long white t shirts, then they would have to be blind not to find them. There were around 10 of them in front of the store at Magnolia/ Wilson. There was one who matched the description on the police scanners on Magnolia just south of Sunnyside.

  22. Pep Spray. I just got off the phone with 911 non emergency. I asked the operator if I should get the casing to the police. She checked the system to see if there was an investigation open, after I gave her the address. She said there was not so she sees no need to turn it over to the police. Great. No investigation since nobody was injured.

    I can tell you that there were 3 men, early 20s or so, looking around the complex (probably for shell casings)about a half hour after the shooting.

  23. People I implore you to call 911 everytime you see ANY suspicious activity on Malden.....the bangers are pushing it up a notch on Malden spreading their wings from Magnolia, nip it in the Bud here (4500 block Malden) or watch it creap over to Beacon and then Dover, etc. etc. I have seen more and more and more drug action and look outs on Malden this summer. If you live on this block help in the fight call 911. Wake up or give up ! Don't let them Loiter on Malden.

    "Loitering is people hanging out talking about the crime they are about to commit."

  24. Interesting - The Tent City drew attention in 1988 and they got what they wanted.

    It's 2010. Perhaps the positive loitering should move to the 4400 Block of Malden tonight. Try a trick from the same playbook and draw some attention to yourselves (in a positive way).

    I see a lot of rumblings on here, but when push comes to shove, there are a whole lot of people who do nothing other than tolerate this crap.

    To the privately owned buildings on all sides of the block - Organize, Install Cameras, and make it clear you are watching. I have been down that block many times. There are A LOT more good people than bad...

    That is such a nice street. Shame to see that stain in the middle of it causing so much trouble.

    I know for sure that if the problems go unchecked, they will explode (not that an exchange of gunfire is minor or anything).

  25. I know that there are many families on Malden between Montrose and Sunnyside that would participate in a Positive Loitering event. Bring the kids in stollers, the dogs on leashes, play ball in the street -- let the jerks that live in that address know that they are risking the wrath of many caring people. Every pair of eyes will be watching from now on, guaranteed.

  26. I have lived in the area 6 years. First time posting on here. Michael Carroll is a Chicago Police office that lives in Uptown. He is running for Alderman. Many of you should take a good look as Michael as I feel he will make a great Alderman. Someone who lives in the area, deals with this stuff all the time and who wants to make a difference.

  27. I just got off the phone with Linda at Woodlawn Community development. I explained what happened to her and informed her that that is becoming a problem building, especially due to the loitering and drug dealing in the alley.

    She got defensive at first thinking that I was accusing the tenants of that building for doing the shooting. (they were involved in some way, weren't they?). She said she was going to notify a supervisor to get security to monitor the building. Let's see what happens.

  28. I live two blocks over on Dover near Sunnyside. I was not home when any of this happened. It's usually pretty quiet. Last summer we noticed some white-shirt clad kids hanging around the corner. I took pictures because I thought they looked suspicious. They'd hang out, then an older kid on a bike would come by and say something to them and they'd move east down Sunnyside. I have not noticed any activity yet this year but will keep my eye out. I think a lot of drug deals are happening on Sunnyside mall. I rarely walk through Sunnyside mall.

  29. Can't believe what I just heard ... the police caught up to the Escalade last night and 3 people in the car stated that 'nobody shot at us' ... we don't know what you're talking about!. No arrests. Cops let them go.

  30. The building above Godfather's Pizza with an entrance to the right on Maldem has had increased activity over the last couple months as well. Conversations take place on the street and then individuals go in and out of the building very quickly. Those engaging in the conversations were wearing matching teal coats for awhile. Not sure if they will continue to sport these jackets given the warm weather, but keep your eye out and as I do call 911 whenever an "incident" occurs. One eviction at a time.

  31. This has me pretty concerned. I live in one of the buildings on Montrose between Malden and Magnolia and my general strategy for surviving Uptown is to avoid all areas east of my building unless I'm going to the lake shore. I do my shopping at the Jewel on Lincoln and go to the Sulzer library rather than the Uptown one.

    Magnolia seemed to be the border for where the ghetto began, and Malden is a pretty pleasant street (Dover and Beacon are even nicer).

  32. Will - interesting you say that about Magnolia. North of Wilson isn't too bad, but south of Wilson is. Ever notice the amount of subsidized housing on concentrated south of Wilson on Magnolia? Wonder if there's a correlation?...

    Most would say yes there is, Helen would just call everyone a racist.

  33. "the police caught up to the Escalade last night and 3 people in the car stated that 'nobody shot at us' ... we don't know what you're talking about!."

    That's funny, the back window was shot out! Well kind of sad I guess that that is the state of our criminal justice system.

    Must of been those damn potholes!

    This city has gone to...well you know..

  34. I live on the block of the shooting. Talked to Steve the Police Officer last night...the Police stopped the SUV but the gang bangers didn't know anything (shocking!). The shots were apparently fired at the Escalade, so nothing they could do to arrest those in the vehicle.

    More worrisome is Steve indicated the Spanish Latin Kings are moving into the area and it's going to get worse.

  35. I moved into the area about a year and a half ago and I got really interested in learning more about the people that are running around in our neighborhood... my curiosity increased tenfold when I watched, from my living room window, when a male on a bike shot another male who was standing in the front yard of the CHA building across from my own.

    I started seeking out all kinds of information about gangs and such and two books that I read are REALLY INTERESTING if you want to learn more about what we are up against. I highly recommend "My Bloody Life: The Making of a Latin King" by Reymundo Sanchez and "Gang Leader For A Day" by Sudhir Venkatesh.

    It seems they have their own war brewing, but there's one also brewing between us (the law-abiding, just want to go about our lives peacefully residents) and them (the gangs that are running around freely). In any war, information is power and knowing as much as you can about your enemy is fundamental to winning. I highly recommend to anyone to read those two books... they give significant insight into what we are dealing with.

  36. I'm all for Positive Loitering every Friday at the location of the latest "incident". In this case it would be about 300 feet from my apartment. No, I'm not one of the evil condo owners here, just a concerned citizen.

  37. This is I-N-S-A-N-E. I am visiting from Ohio and had arrived about an hour before the event to visit my mother & sister (evil condo owners apparently) with my children. My van was parked three cars down from the shooting and we are in the front of the building directly across. The people in the public housing complex just kept mulling around like nothing happened...
    My kids (4 and 1) and my wife were playing in Sunnyside and walking back into the condo no more than 20 minutes before this happened. I heard the shots and saw the Escalade take off. I am sorry - but when my kids are threatened... be glad I did not have a gun on me or that Escalade would have had been riddled. The people in that complex let their kids just run around with this going on - personal responsibility is non-existent!
    This alderwoman represents everything that is corrupt with this city (where is Batman when you need him). I will be personally donating generously to the aforementioned policeman if I am told he is going to force this back and keep my family safe.
    Everyone - please stay safe - it has ruined our weekend as we are afraid to take our kids out and afraid to sit by the windows.
    "When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns".

  38. I think it's all crazy. I have lived her ten years and yeah stuff has happened here and there but now it is becoming insane. Last night driving from the Davis Theater on Wilson - saw a bunch of people all wearing white standing on the corner by the subway. I tried calling 311 and the gang hotline and surprise surprise no one answered after being on hold for 20 minutes.
    Then look at the tribunes website this morning and a - bam it is happening all throughout the city. It's not just our area - It's the late 80's all over again.

  39. I was on the corner of sunnyside and malden when it happen. I rode my bike to the firestation about 2 blocks away and a paramedic was on his cell, I told him about the shooting and he said he will call the cops, but went back to his cell phone conversation. Too bad they don't care...but make sure you pay your property taxes... nice