Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Something To Watch

A reader sends in this link and info:
"Might be a good idea to put out the good word to see if our fine alderman abstains from TIF changes in Uptown relative to interest of financing through Chase and development by Community Housing Partners of the properties at 4416 N Clifton and 4416 N Magnolia.
Residents writing letters to remind Alderman Burke about his business interests can only help assist him with compliance."

"But, Burke tried to make up for the loss by hustling 12 new clients that do business with the city: Community Housing Partners XI L.P.; Fifth Third Bank; The Habitat Co.; Humana Inc.; International Union of Operating Engineers Local 399; JP Morgan Chase Bank; K-Five Construction; Kenny Construction; MCL Construction; Prairie Material Sales; Walgreens and Wentworth Tire Co"

Read the entire article here


  1. next stop for our subsidy to the Clifton-Magnolia project: Committee on Finance of the Chicago City Council, Edward M. Burke, chairman

    wonder how that will go

  2. I sense a political cleanse is coming. Seems like voter anger is starting to finally boil over. Lets see if it translates to votes at the voting booth. Probably won't as much as it should, but people are definitely pissed off right now and it is election time. I wouldn't want to be in politics this year(but I would like doing little-to-nothing and collecting a paycheck for it).

    Tough day to be Michael Madigan too.

  3. I'd like to know if any of these organizations or their princpals have donated money to Shiller's campaigns.

    Also, did anyone attend Don N's coming out party last night?

  4. @Toto...I drove past the Garage where a banner with his name was hanging. At around 8:00 pm..... attendance was.................underwhelming...