Friday, May 14, 2010

Neighborhood Meeting Re: Maryville Development

(click image to enlarge and mark your calendars)

Update:  Read more about the meetings and the history of the project on Lake Effect News:  "Developer Hosting Two Public Meetings to Discuss Maryville Project."


  1. That was quick.

    5:30, huh? That's terribly convenient for those of us saddled with employment obligations.

    Regardless, I hope these meetings will be doorbusters.

    Note how these are Q&A sessions.

    Not one word on public involvement/input into the freshly minted Parisville TIF.

    It's dejavu, all over again.

  2. I'm sure the developers will make the development sound wonderful for the commmunity. The real problem is the open checkbook Helen has to "preserve" low income housing in that TIF area. Look for her to make whatever she can in that area low income.

    The similarity between this TIF and WY:

    WY - Target will shut people up so she can jam in a bunch of low income housing.

    Maryville - 2 condo buildings will shut people up while she jams more low income housing into the surrounding area.

    She's up to the same old tricks. Don't be fooled for a minute.

  3. I didn't get any notice from Helen's office announcing this. Did Clarendon Park Neighbors send this out? Well, at least this allows Helen to keep up the charade of "community input" and she can still do whatever the hell she wants.

    What exactly is the purpose of this meeting if everything has already been decided and funded? If we're good boys and girls, maybe they'll let us suggest the types of flowers to plant at this site.

  4. Per Chicago ordinance, any housing development using public funds is required to have 10% affordable housing included.

    So, be prepared.

    Still, I'm hoping someone can assist me in connecting how this new TIF was created, with the following:

    It has always been my philosophy that the best way to resolve conflicts and to find solutions to problems is to bring together all people affected, to listen to all voices, and then to create a vision that encompasses all perspectives—starting from the perspective of those most affected by the issue at hand.

    Again, with this meeting scheduled (the only public meeting to be scheduled ... and advertised *cough* - in case any CDC members are peeking in), I'm wondering why this flyer isn't posted here

  5. I just love the symmerty of this with TIF at the absolute bottom of the agenda. LOL

  6. @abhay...well, if you think of it as none of this would happen without TIF funding, TIF at the bottom, supporting the inverted pyramid makes perfect sense!

  7. Part of the plan is 150 low income sr housing at the corner of Agatite and Clarendon.

  8. I will be there for sure. Wow I am a owner right across the street and as far as I know all the other residents around here are 100% against this project.....

  9. Wait.

    Will the alderman be there?

  10. Senior Citizen Housing. Just be sure to ask if those little gang bangin' grandchildren can live there with Grandma and Grandpy.

    I won't be surprised at all if the so called "senior housing" at Wilson Yards doesn't become home to those cute little grandkids too.

    Be sure to ask about people living there who aren't on the lease and who will enforce it.