Monday, May 10, 2010

More Dead End Streets On The Way?

A reader sends us this map showing the 3 year capital budget plan for Uptown and notes:
"Those little yellow stars are cul-de-sacs. Look North of Montrose, East of Sheridan. Looks like Helen is going to dead-end those streets behind the highrise towers in the planned TIF development. They probably intend to build over the street just like at Weiss, cutting more of the neighborhood off from the park."


  1. We are trying to get more info to get this confirmed. I'd ask the alderman but she'd lie.

  2. Wow.

    I'm sure there are considerably worse traffic management concepts out there, but I challenge anyone to come up with one.

    Increase the density of people and vehicles ..., decrease avenues through which to route.

    Honestly, is Shiller this stupid?

    Wonder if she drafts all of her proposals in crayon ...

  3. Take a second look at that map. The stars are actually in the middle of blocks, between Hazel and Sheridan. The other 2 are between Clarendon and Hazel. If those are cul-de-sacs, they don't make much sense at all. And only the more eastern pair are even remotely close to the proposed Maryville development.

    There are also 4 of those star icons along Kenmore, south of Montrose. There is only one intersecting street on Kenmore between Irving Park and Montrose, so again, the don't make much sense as cul-de-sacs.

    This map and it's icons may make more sense with some *context*.

  4. And will there be regular police patrols down these dead end streets or will they become nice hidey holes for the drug trade and public pi$$ places?

  5. Yes, cul-de-sacs make no sense at these locations. My guess is they represent some underground structures, such as manhole access to sewers or something?

  6. We should think about being walled off from Clarendon Park and the Lake. The City said, "Never again will we wall off a community from the lake, as we did with McCormick Place." Then, Weiss Hospital was allowed to build over Leland, making its campus stretch from Lawrence to Wilson with no Community access to the park. Everyone has to walk around the damned hospital to walk their dog in the park. It gets old.

    Nobody remembers getting notice that Leland would be closed and Weiss would takeover Clarendon with their semi's and their loading area, which used to be out of the way on Leland.

    What if this proposed Sedgwick development builds over Agatite and becomes another wall between us and the park? Why does it even need planned development zoning for 5 separate structures on 3 blocks

  7. Where can I find this? I'd like to see the complete plan with legend/scale.

  8. With just a little thinking power, it is extremely clear those yellow stars are NOT cul-de-sacs. Why would there be 4 of them on the same street? How would you turn Sunnyside and Windsor into cul-de-sacs since a cul-de-sac requires at least one lane of traffic in each direction (and those streets are way too small for that)? Judging by the map, it appears Broadway would also become a cul-de-sac? Think, people.

  9. They're "condo owner/yuppie collection points".

    The shillerification of Uptown will not be stopped. Look at the TIF documents for the term "soylent green".

    "Soylent Green" is condo owners!"

    "Get your hands off me you damned dirty TIF abusers."

    Again, sorry for the movie references, but sometimes one must learn from the Tao of Charlton Heston.

    Oops, I just looked it up. Chuckles Heston is dead. The dreams of a better Uptown live on. Perhaps on life support.....but

  10. Hey,

    speaking of "dead end streets" I noticed that Farinas is no longer listed as a declared candidate for aldercritter.

    Did he drop out?

    My mocking of his being a gay Alan Keyes was pretty mild.

    I figured a guy with that background who would run for office was not going to be driven out of the race.

    Sorta like the irresistible mocker meets the immovable mockee.

    Perhaps I need to focus my mocking on Don Nowatny. I'll do it after I buy a raft over at the Army Navy shop so I can paddle home.