Friday, May 28, 2010

Montrose/Clarendon TIF/Open Meetings Act

James Cappleman sent out a mailing today regarding the Maryville meeting Thursday:

Last night I went to a meeting of over 40 neighbors who were frustrated with the proposal of another TIF (tax incremental financing) development in the 46th Ward.  Hosted by Uptown Neighborhood Council and the Uptown Coalition for Responsible Development, the meeting focused on a proposed Montrose/ Clarendon development where the former Columbus Maryville campus once stood.

At the meeting, it soon became clear that many residents were frustrated about being shut out of the planning process by a developer who has contributed to the Alderman's campaign.  Some residents who lived within a block of the development said they never knew anything about the development until last week.  To this day, there is still nothing on the Alderman's website about this TIF.

Your help is needed.  Email/Call/Write the the alderman's office demanding that she abides by the Open Meetings Act to ensure the will of the community is followed.


  1. ... by a developer who has contributed to the Alderman's campaign.

    And yet, the Dep't of Community Development doesn't understand why people keep talking about corruption.


  2. Just checked the most recent D2's.

    I didn't see Sedgwick, so it'd be nice to know when and how much the developer's contribution was.

    But, I recall speaking to members of DLA Piper during the meeting, last week.

    So, imagine how little I was surprised when I saw this:

    DLA Piper
    401 B Street #1700
    San Diego, CA 92101

    If there's certain proof that the developers of this project donated money to Shiller, then my support for this project just went out the window.

    And, should anyone say But ... that's the way things work around here, that person deserves a kick sqwar in the nitz.

    I'm so sick of pay-to-play losers and the skanks who profit from it.

  3. I tried calling Shiller's office today and no one answered the phone. It rang and rang and rang. There was no voice mail hooked up to take my message either.


  4. If you go to, you can see that Sedgwick donated to Helen's campaign six times between December '04 and June '08:


    I don't think the website has been updated since 2008, so there may be even more contributions since then.

  5. Do we know the Principals? They could be buying her directly and not through the business. And how about the consultants who were paid to provide the supporting info for the TIF and traffic study. The consultant who did the TIF study sure wasn't wearing a Men's Warehouse suit.

  6. Moos - Not unusual since this is "almost" a holiday weekend and LOTS of places effectively shut down by noon the Friday before. Try again first thing Tuesday AM>

  7. Sedgwick has probably been donating money to Shiller since 2004 because they built the high rise on Grace. This obvious "pay to play" crap is ridiculous.

  8. Thanks, TSN.

    I'll give a little leeway to older contributions as those may be conected to other projects (corner of Clarendon/Eastwood had a Sedgwick sign in it, last summer - and that's gone. Whatevs).

    If there's a Sedgwick dona... contribution when the new D2's are out for the first part of 2010, then there's some serious 'splaining which will need to be done.

    If ya ask me.

    And no one did, I know.

  9. I've walked past the Alderman's office a couple of times in the last few days, and it's empty except for a table and chairs.

    Anyone know where they went?

  10. I think the alderman and her staff are back down her spider hole. You know, that sinking sewer system just south of the Clarendon Park tennis courts that reappeared this past winter.

    Maybe they are down there hatching a plan to add a secret underground aldermanic panic room to the proposed underground Sedgwick garage on that city/park space.

  11. Alina,

    The alderman's office looks just like it always does.

    On my way over to The Spot tonight for some alcohol topped off with a chaser of red meat and more alcohol I purposefully walked past it.

    No change.

    Of course I did this after business hours yet...........

  12. "I didn't see Sedgwick"

    look under FRANK MARTIN PARIS, JR, President & Secretary