Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guardian Angels

Last year there was talk here of asking the Guardian Angels to patrol Uptown.  It seems that the past couple nights of violence at North Avenue Beach and Oak Street Beach has brought their presence to Lincoln Park.  Read about it here in the Tribune.  Readers are writing to us with comments:
  • "Why haven't they been "dispatched" to our area in response to the crime? It didn't sound like anyone in that area explicitly asked for them to come [to Lincoln Park], rather it was an automatic response."
  • "The Lincoln Park area gets a one night experience with our nightly ordeal. They get the Guardian Angels in response."
  • "It is funny that the Mayor's response is almost identical to the one Helen uses."
  • "I don’t remember that they were ever contacted for patrols in Uptown last year, but maybe this year is the year we get it done."
What do you think?


  1. I contacted them last year. This was Miguel's response:

    "I've been reading a lot about the Uptown area. It's been like that for years. Not sure what we can do since we already had a head quarters on Wilson but lacked the community support. We need an office and support from the area and people to get involved. We can't just patrol once in a while and make a difference. We need to be on the location as much as possible. Also when we make arrest at times, people who are related to the criminals take the side of the criminals. People tell us we don't want you hear and the rest of the community does not support us. Get together with your neighbors and see if they would want us to stop by and talk about what we can and what you can do also."

    My response, unanswered, stated that I would try to organize something and asked for some times that would work to hold a meeting. Follow-up e-mails were also unanswered.

    I took the lack of response as an indication that Uptown was too scary for the Guardian Angels. That is why they like to stay in the Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and downtown areas. Could just be me...

  2. Maybe it would help if more people from this neighborhood contacted the Guardian Angels? Don't disparage their response in Lincoln Park. That won't be helpful at all. Maybe if enough people contact them and let them know we would like their help in Uptown and support them, they'll have a change of heart. Certainly can't hurt to try.

    @Concerned, could you please pass along any contact information you might have?

  3. Sure. Miguel "Mike" Fuentes (

  4. Uptown is not too scary for the Guardian Angels. They probably don't want to deal with this area because of ultra-liberal idiots like CopWatch wanting to sue them. And, I'm sure Shiller wouldn't (and didn't) make it easy for them.

  5. The guy is kinda a douche, so don't hold your breath. He hosts a radio show every week on WNUR and frequently preaches/rambles for hours about nonsense.

  6. Per the reader who mentioned Daley's comments, I disagree.

    Daley actually responded within 2 weeks of the incident, and didn't mention political opponents or magic bullets.

    He's also on record as saying this:

    Any time you have any [problem], whether it's Humboldt Park or anyplace else, you are concerned about any type of criminal activity or gang activity."

    But, hey - you want to see another divurgence from what we're used to seeing in these parts?

    Check out alderman Vi Daley (no relation) in the Sun Times:

    We just don't want any gang problems at the beach

    We want to make sure it's a safe place for people to go.

    and, the kicker:

    We don't usually have shootings along the beachfront. We need to get on top of it right away.

    Now, where around here have we heard that, before?

    Trick question.

    We haven't.

  7. Three cheers for the Guardian Angels. I have personally seen them in action some time ago around the Humbolt Park area that was much worse then our Uptown is now. Their patrols got a good handle on the gangs and crime and made really helped turn that area around. I know our Uptown Liberals won`t agree with my views on the Angels but how many of them will walk the streets all night and nail the punks doing crime like they have a proven record of. I wish they would come around here and hit our streets.

  8. I don't get why the issue of gangs becomes a "liberal" or "ultra-liberal" thing. This is not a liberal or conservative issue. It's an entire neighborhood issue, whether you're liberal, conservative, black, white,yellow or brown. Why throw that into the issue of violence and gangs? Uptown residents are doing a great job of taking back the streets, no matter what your views are. When everyone works together, things change and it doesn't matter if you're liberal or conservative.

  9. Kris - my comment regarding "ultra-liberal" was directled squarely at CopWatch - who would throw an absolute fit if the Guardian Angels came to Uptown.

    Maybe ultra liberal wasn't the right term for CopWatch - maybe ultra radical? Its just semantics, my friend.

  10. Miss Kitty;

    Who really cares about cop watch anyway? Uptown residents are doing a dare good job being the eyes & ears for the cops and it's pretty impressive. You're taking your streets back and that's all the matters.

  11. Everybody here needs to read the comments posted in this thread. Granted, this is from a cops perspective, but gives you a MUCH better idea.

  12. COPWATCH. I am sorry but those people are creepy. They scare me more than the gangs!

  13. Also, there is really only one poster on second city cop, his name is anonymous. He just posts a million times per day! ;-)

  14. I dunno Wiseguy. I saw them once in Cabrini. A man was shot near where they were standing. They ran away and I never saw then again. I waited fifteen years for them to return but they never did,lol.

  15. Perhaps we can show them this blog or bring them in to a CAPS meeting to show that the community is more willing to accept their help? I wasn't in uptown previously so I really can't speak to the last time they were here.