Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Dollar's Backside Needs Attention

A reader sends in the following photo and info:
"I was out walking the dog this afternoon down the 4600 block of Winthrop and noticed something a bit scary on the backside of Family Dollar (4613 N Broadway). The northeast corner of the building is separating from the rest and is a big accident waiting to happen. You can easily see the brick bowing out in the photo I took. It would be sad to be under this when it decided to tumble. I reported it to 311. We will see what happens. Hope your readers will as well."


  1. I also called. lets all hope they get on the owners to repair this as it is a major accident waiting to happen....

  2. I've called this in several times, and have also talked to Jose, the manager of Family Dollar, about it. You can see how much they care. The gap is so big that a family of birds is now living behind it. I won't park anywhere near it because its just a matter of time until the bricks fall to the ground. God help us all if someone is walking by there at the time.

  3. Here's an example of something to which I would have no issue seeing TIF funds applied.

    What would it take, a few grand?

    Much better that a few grand of our money go to businesses who actually need it unlike shoveling tens of millions of dollars to ... say .. Target, or a couple of private developers.

  4. Family Dollar is part of a chain operation and you and the local manager probably have to go through a "chain of command" before anything can get done. Also if FD is only a tenant rather than the owner of the property, you probably have to go directly to the landlord about something like this.

    Remember all the red tape, etc., that local activists and the local store owner had to do in order to get the loitering situation at the Dearborn Grocery building resolved last year.