Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Streetscape Ground-Breaking

Clark, between Montrose and Ainslie, has begun streetscaping. Alds. Shiller and Schulter were at the groundbreaking. Clark, between Montrose and Lawrence, is in Ward 47 (Schulter); between Lawrence and Ainslie, it's in Ward 46 (Shiller).


  1. $7.4 million? Seems cheap compared to what it costs to renovate an apartment building.

    This is exciting and I look forward to its completion.

  2. Thank goodness this falls under Ald. Shulter's ward. May this be the first step to revitalizing this retail street.

  3. I am excited about this, and it will look better and be more inviting. While they are at it, perhaps some of those merchants would consider taking down the iron gates?

    Would the same type of investment at blighted Wilson and Broadway "create jobs" as well.

    Or, hell, let's just go ahead and build a fish farm....

  4. $7.4 Million for streetscaping on Clark St. ...and all the CTA Wilson stop revitalization could get is $3 million??? A shiny new Target isn't going to make the Wilson EL miraculously more appealing...

  5. Katharine,

    Don't forget about the one block on the east side of Clark between Lawrence and Ainslie that is in the 46th Ward. Shiller will be going on forever about how much she's done for the ward based on that.

  6. Well it looks like they plan on doing something on Broadway from Montrose to Wilson. Anyone have an idea when?

  7. I could be wrong, but if this improvement is on Clark up to Ainslie, isn't this development a few blocks from Helen's house on Carmen? So by extending Andersonville southward, she gets to improve her personal property values?

    I still think this is great, but it really does highlight the double standard Helen applies to her plantation.

  8. This will be a huge improvement through that area that hopefully generates some new business.

    Not sure when the Black Ensemble Theater is breaking ground, but that has the potential to significantly impact the area as well...

  9. Aron...Ah yes, the old-Shiller-never-misses-a-photo-op-to-take-credit-for-projects-she-did-little-to-nothing-for like...

    The lovely Wilson Fire Station corner garden that GWNA raised $4,000 to build, did all the hard labor, and found a landscape architect to design.

    What did Shiller do for the project? Why she signed a letter saying it was okay.

    The lovely Sunshine Garden on Clarendon south of Wilson. I worked with the park, the department of water management and the Lakeview Tower residents after submitting and getting a grant from the Chicago Botanic Garden to create this garden.

    What did Shiller do for this project? Why she signed a letter, came to eat lunch that was donated by a local restaurant, while we worked 5 long, hot summer days to create--then donated bus benches that were in storage.

    Be leary of politicians who never miss a photo op--often that's all they do.

  10. I wonder what will become of the old theater space? A homeless shelter, perhaps?

  11. I wrote Shiller's office to see if there were any streetscaping plans for Broadway. They actually responded really quick and said that there will be a Broadway Streetscape. It "will happen soon," but they do not have the resident info flier to disperse. "It'll be available soon."

    Not sure how to define "soon" so guess we'll have to see. I'll keep checking my mail for the resident info flyer.... Hhhhmmmm.

  12. Ben - I clicked on your link. Wouldn't it be AWESOME if they did Broadway on 1/2 of Wilson and Not the other?

    I bet you it brings a bit improvement, when it does finally get done.

  13. THANKS Miss Kitty for checking in with the 46th Ward office about plans for Broadway!

    Seeing as how the Clark Street upgrade was a 'dual Alderman' event, I'm wondering if we should call in other Alderman to help with the Broadway/Wilson improvement?

    Also, I would much rather have a Leona's on Broadway instead of a Fish Farm. Can we help make that happen? I would love it!

  14. Stark Mad - you realize Helen's beau, Sam Toia, owns and operated Leona's, right?

    I've always found it hypocritical that he won't open a branch in his own gf's ward. I'd love a Leona's here too, but currently avoid going to any of the existing branches because of his affiliation with her.

  15. I've heard that he is the Shiller camp candidate if Shiiler doesn't run. Blagojevich appointed him to the Metropolitan Pier and Expansion Authority board in 2003. That is the board that overseas Navy Pier and McCormick place, which during his tenure ran the convention business out of Chicago with its ridiculous pricing and union contracts.

    Oh Gee! Shiller is best buds and financial partners with someone who flagrantly wastes taxpayer money. Oh my! I am so surprised.

    What really surprises me is that she has been paired for years with one of the ultimate Democratic political patronage players and yet, Lakefront independents and suburban left-wingnuts follow her like lemmings over a cliff because she is their "independent" leader.

    When you see all her service union campaign workers and contributions in the upcoming election, you will know from where they come, and why.

  16. Miss Kitty, some say he's Shiller's beau. Some say he's Feigenholtz's beau. Some say they share.

    I don't choose to speculate on her private life because I'm too busy watching her screw her constituents.