Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Progress On Clifton

A reader sends in this photo and info:

"I wanted to share with your readers this photo taken this morning at Clifton and Wilson. It looks like 4 floodlights have been placed down the side of the building housing 7-Eleven. This is a great development. I remember reading that lighting on Clifton was an issue. Kudos to whomever got this done! I would imagine that the loiterers will not like a bright light shining on them while they are drinking and urinating here."


  1. I think they have been up there for a long time, yet cast very little light. Will have to take my evening constitutional down Blood Alley soon.

  2. We should have a nickname contest for Clifton.

    My suggestions:

    Crack Lane
    Pee Place
    Blight Way

  3. Aww Brad lol.I have lived in area all my life and 1 thing for sure,there will always be places like Clifton.It may not be right but always knocking these kind of people does not help either.90% of them have no one.I wish you could have seen area 20 yrs. ago.You would have flipped.The main thing the area needs is to get rid of the pushers and gangs.

  4. I always think that alot of the problem is the greed of the Wilson's Men's Club. They have people crammed in there in such incredible density in bathroom sized rooms and then don't provide any indoor or outdoor common area for their tenants to congregate. People can't spend their whole lives in sitting on their bunk and looking at the walls, especially when they have poor ventilation and no air conditioning.

    If the housing owner cared at all about people he could give up a few rental "rooms" and make relaxation areas inside and in the back courtyard. And, if the city cared, it could enforce the building codes instead of turning a blind eye in housing court.

    Infrastructure matters.