Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh, What A Beautiful Day!

Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather today! These Uptown residents, two of which seem very fond of wearing the color purple, were taking in the spring-time rays on the corner of Wilson and Magnolia today. These gents are on this corner often, so be sure to say hello.

Update:  "Kebo," one of the gentlemen pictured enjoying the air, takes offense to this post and wishes us all to do something anatomically impossible, and says everyone in Uptown can do it because we're bad people.  Now that's not very neighborly...


  1. Looks like some positive loitering going on :).

    Back to a previous blog question that went unanswered , does anyone know how a city camera was put up on this corner instead of any number of hot spots like Broadway and Wilson or Sheridan and Lawrence ?

  2. Unfortunetly what does it matter? The cameras do no good. I live right by a camera and crime still takes place there. I have called 911 to report crimes and told the 911 operator that it could be seen on the cameras if they looked and the operator seemed clueless.

    If it is the same two guys hanging out there constantly, then residents and business owners should be calling 911 to report possible drug dealing and/or gang activity.

  3. Thugs love warm weather too!

  4. HopelessinUptown, your anecdotal evidence about cameras isn't convincing me. I hardly think the police would be pushing something that has no evidence of working.

  5. Most likely, those two are only looking out for 5-0 while the dealing goes on closer to sunnyside.

    did they change their uniform from white t-shirts to purple? Maybe they have a new sponsor, like Chico's Bail Bonds? I love the start of little league season.

  6. It's to bad we don't have more block clubs or organization, WE could then go stand on the same corner and make OUR presence known.

    Some "on-call" positive loitering groups would come in handy. Are we going to watch from a distance all summer long, waiting in fear for things to erupt? The police keep reinforcing at the CAPS meetings to call 911 if we suspect anything. What's it going to take for US to take more action and get these people out of our neighborhood?

  7. This morning, I decided to get my breakfast fixins at Fresh Harvest. Just north of Windsor on Sheridan there was a lot of activity. The new recruits must have been on the job this morning because there was a young guy pointing out who to talk to a somewhat confused looking older guy. "No, right up there, in the white car. Yeah he's in the car. Right there!"
    I followed direction indicated by the lanky outstretched arm to see two people sitting in a parked white car. The old guy did the same, and leaned into the window, just like you see on TV.
    I walked on. I was about to get out my phone and call, but I noticed lookouts everywhere. And on the north side of Wilson there was another lookout, in different colors looking very agitated. Again, best not to get out my phone and call.
    When I got into Fresh Harvest, I turned around, to see the white car driving away. Too late.

  8. Holey Moley - prove to me they do work. They are merely a smoke screen. What really works is more police patrolling the area. People are depending on the cameras to solve all the problems. If the cameras were monitored correctly, we had more police patrols, more vigilant citizens and an alderman that cared about gangs and crime things would be much different.

  9. HopelessinUptown, I don't need to prove anything about the cameras. You're the one who made the accusation that they don't work and you gave anecdotal evidence. You are the one who owes the burden of proof because you made the claim.

    I'm all for more police. I'm all for more monitoring of the cameras. I'm all for an alderman who will work with the community, but I will keep pushing for police cameras rather than dismiss their usefulness based on someone's perception of how ineffective the cameras are.

    I would imagine that there's a reason behind the police pushing the use of cameras. I've heard the Commander say they're effective and I'll believe the Commander before I believe you.

    nnssis, for the longest time, drug deals and gangbanging happened right in front of me and I never noticed it. As I became more observant, I found that it was much more common than I ever realized.

  10. Selling drugs and looking for other gang's members to shoot for coming into their territory. Where have you been living for the past 30 years this has been happening at these same corners?


    Yes, boys and girls, ladies and gents, the rumors about Nowotny running are apparently true.

    I have a hard time imagining him running without the "consent" of Helen Shiller so take that as you may. Ward Superintendents are likely "exempt" positions and without the aldermanic support I imagine they would be "toast".

    I will be crying in my Murphy's Irish Stout over Shiller likely "retiring".

    If this turns out to be true it's going to be an interesting race. Perhaps St. Helen of Wilson Yard will retire after the grand opening of her glorious Wilson Yard project and be replaced by Ward Superintendent Man.

    Cappleman, Farinas, Carroll, Nowotny, and there are at least 3 others squawking about running. Two males and one female.

    That almost guarantees a runoff with that many candidates. I might have to get that sex change operation and run as a female. Like States Attorney Alvarado I could win simply by being the only female in the race.

    Does anyone know the cost of a fully body wax? Think Robin Williams only hairier and less manic.

    I'm wondering if I should wear high heels or flats. I think I'll go with the Toni Preckwinkle look. School teacherish. People dig that.

  12. Yes boys and girls there is more.

  13. @nnssls - Running an open air drug market I suspect from reading these posts and my experiences on these same corners. THAT IS NOT OK HERE - Its hard to say we are "speculating" when we see it with our own eyes.

    Just saying...

  14. LR----the camera at Wilson and Magnolia was the first one in the 46th ward. The location was selected based on statistical evidence, which came from CPD headquarters. The camera met with resistance from nearby neighbors at first, but soon was considered a welcome addition.

    A few years later, when this camera was removed, the businesses in the area clamored for its return and it was.

    Based on the recent activity at Wilson and Broadway, I would expect to see one there soon.

  15. On that "Walk on Wilson," I was with the person who took the photo and we saw a Person in Purple conduct a hand-to-hand drug transaction right there as people were starting to assemble. Not ten feet away. Then, as we made our way to Bronco Billy with a bunch of cops with us, the same P-in-P saw us approaching and went running down the Sunnyside Mall at full speed, cell phone to ear. Connect the dots.

  16. As I walked down Clarendon to Wilson I saw already the usual group of punks selling drugs close to the park field house. I think instead of getting better this summer will be worse as its already starting with a force....Too bad for us residents......

  17. So does anyone know if the little mini-mart on that corner is on the action? The punks hang out right in front there and go in and out all the time?

  18. BikeManDan why was it too late to call 911???????

    The car could still be in the area and even if it's over you'd be giving the Police intelligence as too how they are operating.

    Not to mention you're call statisticaly counts toward manning of that beat and district.

    How many times does it have to be explained on this blog to call 911 without hesitation !!!!

  19. Not sure where to ask this, this is the most relevant post. Why, all of a sudden have young men in this neighborhood started spitting? I mean, a lot of loogies are being hocked. No matter where I go in Uptown, fine youth are spitting, and spitting, and spitting. It's really unsanitary and gross.