Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magnolia-Malden Neighbors Need You

News from Magnolia-Malden Neighbors Block Club:
The Magnolia-Malden Neighbors Block Club (Wilson to Lawrence, Malden to Broadway), is interested in starting to meet on a more routine basis (perhaps monthly) to discuss community issues. We are looking for people to represent each block of the block club in each of our meetings. We currently already have representatives for the 4600 blocks of Magnolia and Racine (Kathy Cook and Kyle Munoz). If anyone is interested in being the representative for the following blocks, please express your interest on the MM Neighbors Facebook page.

4600 Malden
4600 Clifton
4700 Malden
4700 Magnolia
4700 Racine

Also, we are looking for someone who is interested in being our beat 2311 CAPS correspondent. This person would be responsible for attending the monthly CAPS meetings (next meeting is May 4th) at Truman College, and reporting a summary of the important details of the meeting on our Facebook page each month. This will benefit all community members who are not able to attend the meetings.

We look forward to hearing from you. And please encourage all neighbors who are not part of the Facebook group to join MM Neighbors.

The Magnolia Malden Neighbors Block Club

UU Note: It is wonderful to see new energy being pumped into our local block clubs. We need them NOW more than ever. We ask our readers to contact their local block club and get involved. Does anyone have an update on the proposed Beacon Block Club?


  1. Hi everyone,

    Great news! We have had people volunteer to be representatives for every block of our block club except for the 4600 block of Malden. If anybody out there is interested in this position, please join the facebook group page and post your interest to the wall.

    Also, just because we have one rep per block doesn't mean that you can't still actively participate in the club if someone is already a representative for your block. If you have any ideas about ways to improve our neighborhood, please share them with us.

    Finally, we are still looking for a CAPS Beat 2311 representative. Anybody who attends the meetings regularly and would be able to report back a summary would be an ideal fit.

    Thanks again to UU and all the community members!

  2. Is there an organization for 4400 - 4600 N Malden that anyone could direct me to?

  3. Eric, we are part of the Graceland Wilson Neighbors. I don't think the website is functioning.

  4. I'm within the 4400-4500 block of Magnolia and would like to get involved with GWNA. Does anyone know who is in charge of if they have any meetings scheduled?

    Website is down. Given the warzone in this area, an active block club could be really useful...

  5. Graceland/Wilson Neighbors Assoc. was founded in 2003. The boundaries for GWNA are Broadway to Beacon, Montrose to Wilson.

    Sorry that the website isn't working--www.gwna.org--will be back up soon.

    Our block club has been very quiet recently and we want to change that. If you're interested in joining the block, please send an email to katharine.boyda@gmail.com

    We have two garden areas that need TLC--the Sunnyside Mall and the Wilson Fires Station garden on the corner of Wilson and Magnolia.