Monday, April 26, 2010

Beating In Broad Daylight

A reader sends in this info:
"Since moving to Uptown one month ago, I look at your website everyday! It's great!
I thought I would send you an email after what I saw today. On the corner of Malden and Wilson around 7:45 pm, there was a group of teenage boys (at least 10 or so) beating another boy with their belts. I called 911 twice and did see police cars come out, but of course the fight had broken up and the people had dispersed by that point.
There is always shady activity going on over here, especially in front of Godfather Pizza, but this was just ridiculous! They were beating this kid in the middle of the street in broad daylight!
Anyway, just thought it may help to get the word out there so people can be aware."


  1. The cops did come around 8:00. I was walking home and saw a group of guys crossing Wilson, cutting through the strip mall parking lot and then south on Magnolia. The cops were then driving down the Sunnyside garden mall towards Magnolia.

  2. ......I've lived at Montrose and Malden, for what...rougly 18 years now?
    THANK YOU HELEN.....and the 46th Ward OFfice (I can't get an answer on the recycle info) for all the years of lack of service.
    I can't help but think I have to be a drooling idiot at the corner of Wilson and B'way to get my voice heard.

  3. And we can thank the CTA scattered site program for relocating the Black P-Stones from Lathrop Homes and Cabrini Green into Uptown. The gang war turf battle set off with the Gangster Disciples and Latin Kings has made Magnolia and Clifton what they are today - a shooting range.

  4. I remember when Kenmore was bad, really bad-gunshots every nite,break ins,car windows getting smashed and police would not respond fast enough.Some area residents hired a security co. to patrol from 6p.m. -6a.m.If something is not done,it is going to be like what goes on -on the southside of city soon.

  5. I see alot of "Job-Challenged" people drinking and sitting on peoples cars on the south-east corner of Malden (Side of Godfathers Pizza) every warm day I driveby. The two older black guys in wheel chairs also hang out they're decent enough guys I suspect they are look-outs though because whenever I see them their seems to be a big spike in drug transactions nearby (usually south on Malden or Magnolia).

    Starck Mad, I suspect our Alderman refuses recycling services here because it would take away Aluminum Can-collecting opportunities for the less fortunate. Mind you I do see 2-3 guys regularly collecting cans and I respect them for that. Reality probably is 99.9% isn't recycled because of failed stance to provide a small opportunity for the very people who not only ignore it and all other honest means of work but also are in fact leaving empty recycling material on every corner/alley/park of Uptown. Of course this is all speculation, maybe someone should ask Don Nowtny this and also maybe why Uptown has been so dirty for so long !

  6. This is just some fisticuffs, so why are we all getting worked up. Boys will be boys.

  7. Indeed, WCE.

    This sounds like little more than some friendly gang ... I mean, "boys' club" initiation practices.

    Kinda' like the boy scouts, only with belts and pistols instead of pocket knives and cravats.

    I mean, if the alderman isn't bothered by instances such as these, why should we be?

  8. Molbop talks about a private security compnay and thats the best idea yet for a area that has numerous crime problems. It really makes a difference. In our condo we have security and without it God only knows what would happen. People do not like the crime in their neighborhood but they need to take action like to hire private security. Thats taking action to make it safef and not depend upon CPD and Alderman all the time as they can do only so much if anything at all.....

  9. "The two older black guys in wheel chairs also hang out they're decent enough guys"

    Hate to burst your bubble but I have caught these guys smoking crack on numerous occasions in the alley. The wheel chair guys have a few hangers on when the checks come on the first. Not to mention that they refuse to use a garbage can and just litter up any area they may be squatting in.

    As far as the belts, where the hell did these kids get belts? It sure wasn't from their pants.

    The cops have been slow as of late responding. At least in the Sheridan Park area that is.

  10. Gotta wonder if it's gang initiations. 'Tis the season.

  11. Ok Ok decent was probably not the most accurate word choice. Curteous would be a better selection. And I guess we now know why their pants are always falling down.

    p.s. just called 911 on 5 "workchallenged" drinkers milling on this corner, I'm sure it was a hard choice a. Look for a job today b. see how many Natty Light cans we can empty.