Monday, March 15, 2010

TIF? What TIF?

Hard to believe if you get your news from Ald. Shiller's website, but one of the biggest issues in the 46th Ward is whether or not property owners will be paying into a new TIF created to put hundreds of new housing units in that oh-so-impossible-to-market prime lakefront property where Maryville Academy is located (along with a grocery store... across the street from a grocery store, and a gym ... across the street from a gym).

A reader suggested that we make our requests now for information from the Department of Planning.  "If they are going to make a new TIF to cover the Maryville campus, then people should be signing up with the Dept of Planning for the Interested Party Announcements. Given that we aren't even told if and when a TIF is being considered, it is a little hard to ask to be put on a specific TIF's disclosure list, but people should try."  Request to be put on the Interested Party list here.

In the meantime, to find out about the proposed Maryville TIF, continue to read Lake Effect News for any news about it and the parcels that are being sectioned out of the Wilson Yard TIF for inclusion in it.

If you want to know about events like CTE Parent Discovery Sessions on the South and West Sides, or Job Readiness Workshops downtown, go to


  1. Read the section in the TIF laws regarding the interested parties.

    It's a laugh riot hoot!

    Toodles for now, my lovelies!

  2. See? Now y'all're just being all nit picky.

    When we're having tens of millions of dollars going to private developers, and we're hoping to carve up the ward to give even more public money to private developers ...; and while drainage systems back up, and the Wilson stop crumbles, and CPS's budget deficits match what Daley's siphoned from property tax revenues, and we're experiencing gang violence on a regular basis, I'm happy to know that I can get Medieval with my love of centuries dead music and dance.

    And, if that weren't enough ..., I can put my bird house design and construction skills on display!

    Granted, none of that is going on in the ward; but, that's a testament to our beloved alderman's ability to think globally, and not locally.

  3. I still don't understand why a TIF to build senior apartments on prime lakefront property is necessary. Please explain why granny needs a lake view?

  4. Well it looks like What the Helen saw his shadow the other day and has reappeared.

    Please Helen, if you are reading this, run. Run for office. Show the bastards that you can do whatever the hell you like with TIF money with impunity. Don't let people think you are being driven from office. Fight, fight, fight- sis boom bah. Rah, rah, rah.

    Just keep your head down while walking near your office. The idiot bangers are out in force near there and unfortunately they do love their firearms.

    Unfortunately. with the hundreds of millions in TIF funds that have been extracted from the taxpayers and the various budgets we have fewer cops in this city on a daily/Daley basis.

    Fewer cops to arrest and deal with the gun shooting "fisticuff artists" who walk the dark, dank, urine soaked streets of our fine community.

    Fewer teachers and a billion dollar public school deficit.

    We do have plans for a fish farm though. That'll show em.


  5. As a new Chicago resident... I see many uses of "TIF" but what does that acronym stand for? :)