Monday, March 15, 2010

Copters And Sirens

We started hearing helicopters and sirens shortly after 2:30, which in the past month have meant a young mother got shot at a main intersection, and that a fire broke out in a building full of people and no fire alarms.  We're hoping this time it's nothing dire.  Please add comments if you have any news.

Update:  No one has reported anything to UU mailbox or in comments.  We made a few phone calls to folks with police scanners and no one's heard any news.  No news is good news in this case.


  1. Shiller came to the community office for the first time since 1993. Ripley's Believe It Or Not was also on hand to witness this rare event.

  2. Agreed - No news is good news.
    Still, thank you for sharing and keeping the community informed.

  3. Nick,

    that is a dirty lie.

    Why I myself spied Shiller in her office in 2007 as I ducked down to avoid gunfire on Broadway. Actually it was just firecrackers, but one can't be too careful.