Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Garage Robbery Suspects Arrested

Some good news from the 20th District Court Advocates:

The two individuals arrested for the recent garage robberies in the 20th, 23rd, and 24th Districts have been directly indicted on the following charges:
  • Darius S Heard:  3 counts - 1-Armed Robbery/Firearm, 1-Aggravated Kidnapping/Armed, 1-Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Reginald Harris: 4 counts - 1-Armed Robbery/Firearm, 1-Aggravated Kidnapping/Armed, 2-Aggravated Sexual Assault.
These two case are now going to the Chief Judge at 26 & California on 3/24/10 for assignment to a criminal trial court, where they will be arraigned on the charges. The lead prosecutor from our Community Justice Center will taking the prosecution of these cases. The 20th District Court Advocates program will be covering these cases to make sure the Trial Judge knows our community is very concerned.


  1. An interesting picture of handcuffs that you used.. Notice the raised metal collars surrounding the key holes ? Those are Smith&Wesson maximum security "pickproof" handcuffs. The same ones used in the current place of residence for Mr. Heard and Mr. Harris.

  2. Do we know where these men resided prior to what I hope is a new home "downstate" someplace. Were they Uptown residents?

  3. dependent on which reginald harris, according to IDOC's inmate search, he may have just returned to Stateville Reception as he violated his probation which was set to expire this Sept.