Thursday, February 25, 2010

Men Charged In Uptown Hate Crime

Last month UU ran an item about a Rogers Park resident -- a friend of several UU readers -- who was beaten up on the Red Line by three men who are alleged to have called him anti-gay names while the beating occurred. The incident started around the Wilson stop, and the three men exited at Argyle, where they were arrested.

Well, there's more.... "Three Evanston men who allegedly shouted anti-gay slurs as they beat a good Samaritan trying to stop them from bullying another CTA Red Line rider now face felony hate crime and aggravated battery charges."  Check it out at Chicago Breaking News.


  1. so good to hear that they caught these fools and are going to be charging them.

  2. I like how all 3 of them are suddenly working for "charities". Lawyers at their best.