Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cricket Hill's Thrills

We might be tired of winter snows, but kids of all ages were having a great time recently at Montrose Harbor’s Cricket Hill.


  1. "Cricket Hill Thrills" huh?

    Wasn't/isn't that the site of an annual "legalize pot" demonstration during the summer?

  2. Ok, time for this old-timer to play historian again.

    The Windy City Weed Fest was held at Cricket Hill (and overflowed into the yards and alley's of Uptown neighbors) for years. WeedFest moved to Soldier Field in 1997 when Montrose Harbor's rehab eliminated all events at Cricket Hill. People downtown threw had a fit to the press, so the Park District dumped it back in Montrose Harbor - where "anything-goes".

    The Park District legal staff killed HempFest after the Park District and Police Command Patrol Division were called-out/embarrassed/squeezed about posts on the organizer's "MariHemp - Smoke Drugs Legally" website such as this one from May 21, 2005:

    "Last year was at Montrose harbor. GREAT FEST!!!! NO POLICE HARRASSMENT!

    it was fucking righteous to smoke the sacrament in front of the cops while they stood by and laughed.

    they DID dump beer, however, so anyone bringing drinks to the 2005 fest, stay in the middle of the crowd and keep the beer discreet
    peace and long time smokin."

    Or this one from Jan 23, 1993

    "we advise anyone thinking of attending to avoid bringing used pipes or other paraphenalia-- they're too hard to swallow. Sharing is encouraged, dealing is *highly* discouraged. We don't expect to see gobs of cops, probably just a squad or two and an