Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cornerstone Security Guard Sentenced For Heroin Buy

The 23rd District Court Advocates report that Samuel Dukes, the Cornerstone security guard who was arrested for purchasing heroin in front of the shelter on Clifton last July, was found guilty and sentenced to one year behind bars.  The woman he was buying it from, Wanda Williams, was found guilty of delivery of a controlled substance last November and is serving four years.


  1. One more reason to be a Court Advocate

  2. Enjoy A Good Math Story-Problem?

    Here's One:

    Steps away from the "Jesus People" Cornerstone Day Care Center, a needle exchange van distributes wares for heroin users each week.

    This strip, known as "Blood Alley," is notorious for drug dealing and violent crime.

    Meanwhile, Cornerstone's security guard is sentanced for a heroin buy.

    Around the corner from "Blood Alley," a woman holding a baby is shot in what appears to be gang crossfire.

    Add it all up.

    Is the product of this equasion positive or negative?

    Which variable(s) could be changed to solve this problem with the inverse result?