Friday, January 8, 2010

Uptown Featured On WCIU's "On The Block"

"On The Block," a segment on WCIU's "You & Me This Morning" recently featured Uptown. Check out the video here.

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  1. You would think that "the largest number of social service organizations in the state" would rally their support behind an Aldermanic candidate like James Cappleman, a licensed social service worker who understands the complexity of the industry and advocates for them.

    Hopefully, the Uptown social service organizations got exactly what they worked and paid for in the re-election of Alderman Shiller. However, like others in the ward, they may be just as embarassed and ashamed that they ever supported her. I'm sure there are many in the gay community who wish they had supported a gay candidate like James Cappleman instead right about now, too.

    There's always the next election cycle, huh?